Sometimes, you have to NOT BE in order to BECOME
For me, this means there was self pity and self hate before there was self love and courage. A lot of guilt and doubt before learning to be unapologetic and standing strong for what I believe in. Read more.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
It can be very telling the kind of vibe you put out each day simply by noticing the experiences you're attracting into your life.

The kind of vibe you are putting out there is a result of the care you give to your Self. Are you taking good care of yourself?...your body, mind, heart? Read more.

Keeping Wellness and Fitness Simple
I've taken a lengthy break from sharing any kind of wellness-fitness-related-work on social media... for good reasons.

I focused on my private coaching/training business while I took my time to figure out a different approach to "sharing information".

After almost a year of exploring this idea, I am now even more convinced: Life DOES NOT have to be complicated. Here’s why.

September 25, 2015
This. This is so beautiful. Two adults back-to-back while their inner child reach for each other. How simple and true. How quick we adults can be to judge and turn our backs on one another. How quick we are to choose anger and hatred over love and forgiveness. It's so important to remember the parts of us that wish to connect in the purest of ways.

One tough life-changing lesson I've learned in my past is that in order to truly heal yourself, you must "tend" to your inner child. Reach deep within, nurture that inner child and allow him/her to shine... conduct yourself from that place of light, then only will you truly heal...for good. Love first. Love always. Remember to remember.

August 17, 2015
How you see your outer world has to do with what’s going on with your inner world. In other words, your experience of the world around you is a direct reflection of what’s going on with the world within you. Whatever your mind thinks, your body follows. That’s how powerful you truly are! Read more.

May 4, 2015
Question for Penny:
How do you handle moments when you encounter unpleasant or unkind people? I can’t help but get so angry or annoyed and I know it’s not healthy for me to feel this way so much. How do I protect myself from taking it so personally?? Read answer here.

December 31, 2014
Time and again I hear your heart go into knots trying to make a friendship work — whether it be with a friend, or a family member. Forcing a relationship does not make it genuine. 

Someone dear once told me that a friendship (relationship) is either for "a reason, a season or a lifetime." And so I’ve come to learn that during the course of any relationship, situations will unfold to help us realize their purpose. Read more.

June 5, 2014
Question for Penny: I know honest communication is key to a successful relationship, and so I make a point to always communicate with my partner so there is no misunderstanding. I try to speak positively, but most times we get into an even more heated argument. It’s so frustrating I just want to give up! What’s the point of communicating openly if this is the result? Read answer here.

April 11, 2014
DO NOT let anyone convince you that there's only one way to succeed! Each of us are unique in our making, therefore, our life experiences and our perception (of those experiences) are not exactly the same from one another. And that is more than okay! 

So whatever your goals may be, just know that there are MANY roads in life that will lead you to your ever-evolving destinations. You may have to path your own road along the way, or choose a road less taken, or perhaps even choose a road once taken by someone you admire and somehow make it your own. 

Whatever road you choose, there is no "wrong way" so long as you stay "on purpose" and "keep acting" — NOT reacting.

March 18, 2014
Question for Penny: Not sure how to explain this, but I’ve been fighting with this stressful, anxious feeling that seems to come and go. Some of it is work, some family, and some personal stuff. It all adds up and I feel like I'm drowning with swirling thoughts and emotions. How do I stop this struggle inside me? Read answer here.

February 14, 2014
Question for Penny: People say I’m a good catch and I would make someone very lucky one day. I cannot disagree that I am a fun, successful, well-rounded individual who is also kind. I’ve had some great relationships, yet I’ve had no success finding the “right" partner. I am ready and open to be in a relationship and truly feel I’m doing all the right things. What am I missing here?? Read answer here.

January 27, 2014
The way you pay attention to the world can make a huge difference in the way you experience it. Judgment only limits your perception — therefore, your opportunities. There is no need for judgment if it’s not adding any value other than more pain to your emotions (wasted energy). Since your energy flows where your attention goes, why not consider… Read more.

December 31, 2013
You have everything it takes to create a life you've been wishing for! Whether it is to do with your health, your relationships, your career, or your overall lifestyle, you CAN change it for the better. 

NOTHING in life is permanent. The only thing permanent is change. This is one of the most exciting "Universal Laws" that life has to offer. This means whatever isn't working in your life can be changed… Read more.

September 19, 2013
Question for Penny: I feel really down and out. I feel like I can do many things better but I don't even know how or where to begin. What is the first step I can take "right now" to start feeling more empowered? Read answer here.

August 29, 2013
Question for Penny: I find myself easily irritated by people who are disrespectful or inconsiderate. I get so annoyed that I find myself talking behind their backs. I know it's such a waste of time...but what can I do to let it go? Read answer here.

August 13, 2013
Sometimes while you’re home, your thoughts are still absorbed with solving the challenges at work. And when you’re at work, you find yourself worrying about problems at home. You’re here, but you’re not fully present. You could end up going through the day rather than getting something from the day... Are you completely present in each moment? How does this affect the quality of your life? Read more.

July 11, 2013
I've come to learn that no matter what kind of relationship you're in, a relationship is a place you go to give. It's not a place where you go to "deserve", or "owe"; the latter notions mentioned are based on fear (driven by your ego mind), and not based on love (which is driven by your heart—your spirit)... Read more.

May 19, 2013
Deep down we are no different. Whatever it is that we are doing, we are doing it because we all want to be happy, we all want to be safe, and we all want to be loved. No matter how you look at it, we really only have one ultimate goal. What is this ultimate goal? And how can we achieve it together? Read it here.

April 26, 2013
Before we go into the weekend, ponder on these wise words for a moment:

"I had a lot of tragedies in my life — most of them never happened." –– Mark Twain, famous American philosopher

"I find inner peace when I'm 'out of my mind'" –– Lyrics from a Music/Rap genius

Do you see what these famous lines have in common? They are encouraging you to… Read more.

April 12, 2013
“That's perfect!" I exclaim (with a huge grin) when someone is doing their best to make positive changes in their lives. Most would then reply somewhere along the lines of, "Really? I have such a long way to go... How will I ever get it perfect?" And my respond would then usually go a little something like this:

Don't aim to be "perfect." Aim instead, for… Read more.

March 13, 2013
Most of us believe we don't usually get what we ask for in life. But the thing is—beyond the superficial, on a much deeper level—we have always gotten, are getting, and will continue to get what we ask for.

If you ask for more courage, everything will happen to challenge you to have more courage; if you ask for success, you will experience… Read more.

February 14, 2013
In any relationship, mistakes are inevitable; lessons are necessary; and forgiveness... well, it's mandatory—if you want to heal with peace in your heart. If you truly want to celebrate Valentine's day, celebrate it by being more understanding of the one you claim to love.

If you truly want fulfillment with others, then learn to be patient and guide them in their evolution. Yes, I said GUIDE, not force. There is a huge difference. The way to offer true love to another is to… Read more.

January 29, 2013
Everything that exists in this world is a co–creation. There is no "me" or "mine." Nothing you create is "yours" and yours alone. In the bigger picture of life, it has never been — neither will it ever be — that "this is mine" – "I did this myself" – "this is my idea."

Each and every single idea you have is in one way or another… Read more.

January 9, 2013
Here’s my top 5 advice from 2012 to hopefully inspire you to stay on track with whatever changes you want to make this year... Read more.

December 31, 2012
Bear in mind that when you hold a grudge, you are in essence holding on to all the negative feelings that come with it. These toxic feelings are yours—not someone else's; they belong to you because you are the one holding on to the grudge. To achieve true wellness, you must first let go of this toxicity by letting go of the grudge. Forgive.

Forgiving does not mean you have to agree to something you don't believe in; it just means... Read more.

December 12, 2012
No matter who you are or what you possess, each and every one of us have our own battles to fight. You may be good with family, but terrible in business; you may be great at making money, but can't seem to get yourself to workout and stay healthy; you may be excellent with people, yet find it hard to keep your relationship in order. Whatever it is, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we are all here to help each other achieve a satisfying balance… Even good people can make bad decisions or become desperate when… Read more.

November 29, 2012
Can you imagine getting all your friends and family to do this video with you?? This is a must-watch video. It will make you smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. In just 6 short months, this video has already received well over 16 million views. Please watch it now. This well-thought-out display of love, creativity and humor will make your heart smile and your cheeks hurt lol. Watch it here. Enjoy! :))

November 22, 2012
Gratitude is powerful. It is difficult to start "trouble" with a person who is in a true state of gratitude. This divine state can influence human behavior and neutralize even the biggest conflicts.

Gratitude is nothing short of nourishment for the soul. When you feel thankful each day for all the little things around you, a certain calm and peace washes over you that no man-made substance could ever compare in degree, safety and sustainability… See more.

November 11, 2012
If you truly want to change your life, you must first be willing to change your mind; whether it be social decisions, political conclusions, religious determinations, economic choices, or individual selection of everything from relationships to belief systems, everything in your life can only begin and end with you: through your thoughts, your words, your actions. In other words, your happiness is YOUR responsibility, not someone else's... Read more.

October 25, 2012
It's truly the little things you do in a relationship (or friendship) that really matters... this "I love you because..." is a great way to make someone feel special everyday—not just on special occasions. You can make your own erasable board (or just buy a mini white board) and put it up by the door.

Take turns writing something. You can make each other feel good everyday in just a matter of seconds. Get creative with your answer and you'll never run out of reasons why you love someone. Have fun with it! :)

P.S You can even do this with your kids! :)

October 13, 2012
This is true of most of our suffering. Don't believe it? Go ahead and observe the kind of thoughts you project, predict, play and replay in your mind. Observe how much you may be living in your head instead of experiencing the present moment that is right in front of you. 

The what if's, could have's, should have's, they all live in your mind, they don't really exist in reality... Read more.

October 1, 2012
There's only so much space in your life—physically and energetically. Whatever you put your energy on (be it good or bad) will only intensify and attract more of the same to you.

So focus on choosing only the things you want, and make room for them in your life. You have to close one door before... Read more.

September 10, 2012
You cannot learn or grow from a place of total comfort and familiarity... only obstacles and challenges can exercise the muscles of your mind, heart and spirit.

And this is why "failure" or "mistakes" seem to be the only path to growth, expansion and success. There is no way around it—no short cuts. And even if you do find a short cut, it will be short-lived. "Failure" is inevitable if you want to achieve success. Paradox? Yes, perhaps. But that's life… Read more.

August 27, 2012
What your mind thinks, your body follows
The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself through the kind of thoughts that it holds in the mind.

Those thoughts are either healthy, therefore, vibrate at a higher frequency causing the cells of the body to work together; or they are thoughts that are toxic, therefore, vibrate at a much lower frequency and presents a challenge for the body to feel good...

August 24, 2012
With so many decisions to make in your daily life, how do you know if you're making the "right" one?

Read the advice as shared by one of my mentors. He's one of the world's greatest spiritual leaders of our time, Eckhart Tolle. His teachings are profound...his writing follow suit...his presence is powerful. Follow his work and you'll see for yourself (that is, if you're ready to "awaken").

August 21, 2012
There are things in life that you cannot change – they are simply the nature of the way things are and they will remain the way they are no matter how hard you try to change them.

The sooner you understand and accept the nature of these things, the healthier and more peaceful your life will be; you would know when to let go so that things can flow for you. You won’t feel the need to force others to conform to what you perceive as “right.”

August 9, 2012
Are you as authentic as you think you are?

We live in a world where everything that exists (yes, including emotions) is made up of energy, and therefore, exudes a certain vibrational frequency on an energetic level; hence, the "energy" you exude from the way you feel as you're speaking is more important than the thing you are actually saying. In other words, your "core" intentions are more powerful than the words you utter… Read more.

July 20, 2012
This week, I chose another question from a reader to address in a short video clip. It's a common (but good) question and I would like to share it with you.

Question for Penny: 
I've been practicing listening to my intuition. But how do I know if the voice I'm listening to is the voice of my intuition or the voice of my ego-mind? Watch video.

June 29, 2012
A little something for your mind and spirit
All feelings of pain and pleasure are due to where you put your attention. The primary cause of suffering (any form of unhappiness) is never the situation, but your thoughts about it. Situations are just "stories," and stories are neutral until your ego-mind comes in and labels them either good or bad.

Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking and where you choose to put your attention. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which simply just "is". In Shakespeare's words, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

...and this leads us to...

You can witness the powerful presence of your own true spirit between thoughts. When you stop thinking—that is to say, stop the incessant chatter of your internal dialogue and just observe, the observer without thought IS your spirit. If you don't consciously practice this way of silencing your mind, you won't recognize your own divine spirit for what it is.

However, if you do make a point to recognize this truth and practice silencing your mind, you will witness your spirit more often. And whenever you conduct your Self from a place of spirit (rather than from ego-mind), a shift occurs and a sense of heightened quality transfers into everything you say and do. This is more powerful than anything the ego-mind can produce.

June 21, 2012
Some things are better felt than said...
As you probably know by now that I aim to share only what I feel can make a positive shift in your life. Wasting your time will never be my intention. 

Saying this, I have another profound article (interview) to share with you. If you're ready for some enlightenment and inspiration to "wake you up" from your day-to-day... you've got to read this article here. Things that can shake your thoughts and create a better reality can (sometimes) be quite challenging to put into words, but my mentors have come to the rescue. Some things are better felt than said.

I challenge you to read this and say you're not positively provoked in some way... Read more.

June 7, 2012
A Little Inspiration on The Paradox of Life
You could be up one year, and down the next; win big and then lose it all; feel empowered one day and suddenly, defeated. It's enlightening! Unsettling! Humbling! Frustrating! Rewarding! So you wonder: Which is it?

More and more, the emails are requesting for some insight or inspiration to move toward a positive shift in perception. I feel this topic could be of interest to many people, so rather than reply to each person individually, I've decided to address it by sharing my thoughts and advice in this short video. Watch video.

May 28, 2012
A more fulfilling life (for you) may be a few questions away
Understanding a concept intellectually is only one side of the equation... actually putting the concept into practice is a whole other ball game. For example, you can say, "I want this job" or "I want this relationship, and I'm ready to do what it takes to earn it." The "saying" may come easy, but the "doing" is where most people fall short.

You may grasp an idea and understand how it works on an intellectual level, but in order for it to work, you actually have to… Read more.

April 25, 2012

True Love vs. Ego Love

Know the difference between true love and ego love so you can make better decisions with whom you choose to surround yourself. In this short video, Penny from Wellness With candidly shares her thoughts on this topic and what it means to create a "true love-based" relationship (or friendship), versus an "ego-based" one. Watch video.

Speak your truth
April 23, 2012
There's the reason you tell yourself you do things, and then there's the true reason you do them. I was recently coaching a client to recognize and speak her truth. She spent years living in a web of her own lies and now she feels trapped. She feels so lost, depressed, tired and knows no way out.

Later that day after our session, as timing would have it, I stumbled upon an appropriate article to share with her. But, I feel that each and every one of us could gain from reading this article as well — "Staying True to You: 6 Steps to a More Honest Life". Read more.

Learn to let go... if you
want things to flow.
April 17, 2012
Learn to let go… if you want things to flow
Nature does not force or rush, yet it gets everything accomplished effortlessly. We are very much a part of nature, yet we have such a tough time. Why is this? It’s not that we don’t know what is or isn’t working in our lives, or what we should or shouldn’t let go of, but more so, that we have a tough time letting things go…

We have a tough time because we have forgotten our true nature. We were born into a society that has forgotten, and so we find ourselves following in its footsteps and getting lost along the way. All looks normal. But “normal” does not mean “truth.” Truthfully, it looks normal because… Read more.

True power comes from within,
not from without.
April 9, 2012
5 Ways to Feel More Powerful
I’ve long appreciated the work of some of the most sought-after spiritual leaders in the world and have come to study and share the same ideas. I realize I’m drawn to anything that comes from a place of divine wisdom, healing and humility.

Deepak Chopra has long been one of my favorites so I want to share with you his recent article on I feel it will serve helpful to you in many ways. As Chopra wisely puts it, in an ideal world, he would call this article "5 Ways to Feel More Powerful," but given the situation in the world as it stands, it’s more fitting to call it "5 Ways to Feel Less Powerless." Read more.

If you want
something, just ask.
April 3, 2012
How to Ask for What You Want - A Lesson from Tila
No games, just get to the point! If you want something, just show it -- make it known -- just ask for it. Here, Tila shows us how it's done! Click here.

Things are not always
what they seem.
March 9, 2012
What you see is rarely what you imagine it to be. Don't get so fixated with what others are sharing on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) if it's going to bring you down!

Most of us have heard the phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words." But here's the thing, though pictures speak a thousand words, they most often do not speak a thousand "truths".

Let's use Facebook for example, you may be looking at photos of old friends, exes, estranged relatives, colleagues, mentors or celebrities... and you may think their life is cheery and effortless like the smiling photos they share so publicly. 

Maybe deep down you’re envious or saddened by what you see because you feel you’re not as "popular"—or you secretly wish you had what they had. I know these feelings stand true for all of us to some degree.

But the thing to remember here is this: Do not devalue your unique life path, or undermine your own inner greatness. Each and every one of us have our battles in life—our unique set of challenges—no matter how well we put up an opposing front (be it on Facebook statuses, photos or in person).

The truth is... things are not always what they seem… Read more.

Be yourself and do
what you love.
January 27, 2012
Tila took on a part-time job to show us how she earns more treats in life by being herself and doing what she loves to do. She has a special position at Flirty Girl Fitness in Toronto. Let's take a look at her duties and find out how to earn more treats in life (a lesson from Tila). Click here.

Your beliefs can determine
the kind of life you live.
January 1, 2012
One thing I know for sure is that our "beliefs"—our habitual thought pattern—is the thing that runs our life. It determines our state of being and becomes the way in which we live our life—be it rewarding or disempowering. This, of course, reflects in the quality of everything we do in this world. Could your deep-rooted limiting beliefs be holding you back? Read more.

A relationship is a place
you go to give.
December 26, 2011 - My heartfelt message for you going into the new year:
I've come to learn that no matter what kind of relationship you're in, a relationship is a place you go to give. It's not a place where you go to "deserve", or "owe". The latter two are not a thing of love but a thing of fear. Read more.

December 13, 2011
Beauty surrounds us each moment.
Have you noticed?
Take time out to notice the beauty that surrounds you. We live in a world that is truly abundant. Don't miss out simply because you don't believe that this is so... Please read this heart-felt story and see if you notice the beauty. Click here.

What you see is somewhat
an illusion, but what you
"choose"... the ultimate reality

November 28, 2011

When you were born into this life you probably learned that what you see in front of you is “reality.” But this is only a partial truth because reality is also determined by your attention and perception. You see, it is not what you see that creates your reality; it is the choices you make from what you see that creates your reality... Read more.

November 8, 2011
Life is about embracing
both the light and the dark
Just when you think you got a grip on how life works and you're ready to be calm and confident… you trip! Or something doesn't go your way and you find yourself “losing it” all over again. And then, you get mad at yourself for it. Please stop. Don't be so hard on yourself…

Realizing your higher Self, attaining inner peace or achieving divine confidence... in other words, "being more spiritual," does not make you or me better or right. It simply makes us more aware. That is all. Nothing more. It is what you do with that awareness that determines the amount of... Read more.

You and I are not so different

October 20, 2011
We are all the same. Deep down, at the core of each and every one of us, we all have the same needs. We may be different in our approach, but that does not make us different. We all have the capacity to love and to hate, to be kind and to be destructive, to be hurtful and to be caring. Some people have so much battling in their mind, they may temporarily lose their way (or lose their Selves). It could very well be you, or me. So before we judge others who have done us wrong or do things we do not agree with, perhaps we should have some compassion and be thankful that life hasn't yet provoked us to show all our dark colors.

Though you may not have been pushed to completely unleash your distasteful side, it doesn’t mean that given the "right" circumstances, you wouldn't become "that" person you dislike. You are a better person to have compassion, understanding and deep acceptance that life is challenging for each of us... that you and I are equal, no matter what our exterior may show. Deep down we are no different. Whatever it is that we are doing, we are doing it because we all want to be happy, we all want to be safe, and we all want to be loved.

October 6, 2011
We all have an inner child. Let him or her out to play everyday. Don't lock them up and shut them down. It's okay to cry, be angry, get frustrated and feel sad. A child would not hide these feelings for they are authentic, and so it is that you, too, are authentic when you express your truth. Don't lose that inner child in you. Don't confine to logic all the time. Be courageous and use your imagination. ‎Sure, logic can get you from one place to the next, but imagination will take you everywhere! 

Use this world as a discovery center, explore everything as a child would, get curious, wonder, inquire, try new things, mess around with new ways of doing things, toy with ideas, play with nature, venture out of your comfort zone. Don't take yourself so seriously... when something goes "wrong", instead of saying "Oh, no!" learn to say "Oh, well..."

Everyday is a new
two days can ever be the same

September 21, 2011
What is the difference between “Fitness” and “Wellness”?
There's so much confusion with the definition of "fitness" and "wellness." So many individuals and companies use those words interchangeably to mean different things depending on the context, or the message they're trying to convey, or even the product or service they're trying to sell. And so it is that those words are often misused or get lost in translation or interpretation… Let’s take a moment here to clarify things... Read more.

September 20, 2011
Learn to slow down and "respond" from a place of calm awareness, don't "react" from a place of fearful desperation. Being jumpy, needy and reactive to situations are not qualities of a person who has yet cultivated personal power. To cultivate personal power means when life gets challenging and you get disappointed, you do not struggle and fight against what is or is not happening for you as it's happening. Instead, learn to flow and take charge of what needs to happen next.

September 16, 2011
Before you can learn a new, more positive way of being, you have to unlearn the old way. If not, you would only end up carrying a part of your old ways into the new, compromising the intended good of the when it's time for a change, learn to end one thing before beginning another; close one door before opening another; end one chapter of your life before beginning a new...

September 11, 2011
This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. As we consider what 9/11 has meant to us both individually and collectively, I invite you to also consider what you wish to see unfold. Chopra center co-founder, Dr. David Simon has created a beautiful intention-setting meditation to help you connect with your heart and put your attention on what you'd like to see blossom in your life. Click here to set your intentions now.

Here's to our one
ultimate goal!
July 26, 2011
No matter how you look at it, you really only have one ultimate goal, and that is, fulfillment. You want to feel fulfilled in some way. In a world of constant demands and daily distractions, it helps to come up with a phrase that can guide you to make the best decision in every moment. A simple phrase such as: "I choose anyone or anything that can bring me more fulfillment." Use this phrase as your baseline when making decisions. 

Only YOU know what fulfills you. So choose the things (attitude, people, places, events, materials) that you feel can bring more fulfillment to your life, and pay less attention to things that take you away from fulfillment (your ultimate goal). Just keep it simple. There's no reason to make things anymore complicated.

July 22, 2011
I met another kindred spirit yesterday... and so the connection blossomed instantaneously. When it comes to meetings of kindred spirits, it has nothing to do with how long you've known the person, but more, how quickly you connect. We could have talked for hours... the conversation flowed effortlessly. Feelings were heartfelt during pauses when nothing was said.

There was no ego, therefore, no judgement toward one another. Our child within was safe to come out to play and share. There was an immense feeling of mutual kindred love, trust and respect that filled our hearts with gratitude. This is just a glimpse into the human's higher Self in action. It's enlightening.

Let's all make a conscious effort to conduct our lives from a place of higher Self and create more kindred spirit experiences in this lifetime.

Make one small
change each day
July 13, 2011
It hurts to dream only if you don't believe in what you're dreaming. And it hurts to make changes in your life if you try to do it all at once—overwhelming yourself. Be kind to yourself as only you can. Make one small change each day and pretty soon these changes will accelerate exponentially, forming what we call miracles. Even miracles take time; it's a process. Just because we cannot observe miracles the way we marvel over magic tricks—with instantaneous gratification—does not mean they are not occurring...

Our decisions have a rippling effect
July 11, 2011
Start everyday anew, just as nature does. Just know that nothing can be a mistake if you've learned from it. So forgive yourself, treat yourself as you would a younger sibling...or a precious friend (or pet). :)

April 17, 2011
When you make a decision and a commitment to do something good for yourself, it is like dropping a pebble in a pond. It has a rippling effect. Read more.

Love is one thing that never
goes out of style
April 6, 2011
Understanding Love's Many Ways...
Though love is only a four-letter word, its depth and beauty makes our language seem so limiting when we try to define it in its entirety. Because it shows itself through many faces, styles and forms, to truly appreciate it is to learn to appreciate all of its many ways...