My beautiful client Kathryn is One Strong Mama and a busy executive. When we met, she was on her way to giving up carbs. Oh no!! I had to coach her back into adding carbs steadily throughout her day working around her activity level. Read more.

Congrats to my client Leanne (below) who achieved her ideal abs in only 3 and a half weeks - just in time for Vegas! She followed my plan exactly on nutrition, cardio and strength training with very specific ab exercises 3-5 times a week for 3 weeks. And it paid off! Can't expect anything less when you work smart!

Penny takes great pride with every one of her clients. She utilizes her vast knowledge in wellness to create a personalized program that balances the right amount of mental coaching, strength training, cardio exercise and diet; tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Her programs are challenging yet enjoyable and she never fails to be there to support, encourage and celebrate her client’s wins.

In just 2 short months, not only did Penny coach me to adopt a healthier attitude about my self, she also got me into the best shape of my life. I dropped inches off my waist, hips and thighs all while lowering my body fat percentage and increasing my strength and endurance.

Not only am I buff as ever but I feel AWESOME! The effects of working with Penny and the new body that came with it have enhanced every aspect of my life - mind, body and soul. Even got myself a date – haven’t been on one in months! 

Thanks Penny for my healthy new attitude and body, and lifetime commitment to wellness!

– Janice Manzano, Toronto ON

I had a great experience with Penny’s program! She is a high-energy instructor and knows how to keep a group motivated to take it to the next level!

She is knowledgeable and provided personal advice on eating plans, breathing techniques and cardio plans outside of the program. I had a fantastic time during the program and was thrilled with the results I received!

Thanks again Penny, you’ll be happy to know that I have lost another inch on my waist since the program!

– Alison McQuaid, Toronto ON

I began my training with Penny a year ago to loose a few pounds and get in shape. With Penny's help I have opened my eyes to the importance of keeping my body fit and healthy; going from being overweight and "flabby" to being fitter than ever.

Penny helps me reach continually improving goals. I look forward to working out with Penny. She constantly challenges my body and keeps me busy. I am thankful for her inspiration and help.

– Michelle Sutherland, Toronto ON

When I first started working out with Penny, I had let myself go. I hadn't exercised in three years and felt twisted up and weak. I also ate terribly or not at all regularly.

Through her patience and vast knowledge and skill about the workings of the human body, Penny helped me overcome many hurdles that were stopping me from being healthy. Her approach is to take things one day at a time, and consistency.

Penny's sessions helped my body, mind, and soul heal as far as I would let things happen. She kicked my butt when I needed it, and always seemed to know how to make me excel, even when I thought I could not. I always ask her how she knows what to do next or how she knew where I was feeling sore!

Penny is truly gifted at what she does and through her continual guidance with diet, stretching, healthy living, light spirituality, and dedication to me — a former past star athlete — I’ve finally been able to completely transform my body and the way I think about it. Her beautiful energy is never-ending; she lives, eats, and breathes caring for her clients.

No one has ever been able to make me break a sweat and love every minute of it, and that's why I will always come back. I'm doing things I used to do when I was a child.

Give Penny five minutes of your life and you will be hooked. She will whip you into shape as fast as you want it. I've never looked or felt so....sexy!

– Havana Holland, Toronto ON

I've always been self conscious and insecure about my body. Adding on top of that, there were a couple of relationships in my life that has lowered my self esteem and made me think that I didn't deserve to be beautiful, that I didn't deserve to be happy and that I didn't deserve to be loved.

Meeting Penny was a turning point that changed the way I felt about myself. Penny teaches in a way where you feel so empowered and just can't help but to proceed the class with all you've got and to be the best you can be.

I normally get super intimidated by instructors but Penny was different, the vibe I got from her was that she's approachable, friendly and sweet. So I got the courage to approach her and asked if she could be my trainer/coach. And then we started 6 weeks of intense training.

During those 6 weeks, Penny not only helped with my weight loss goals, she also suggested a very manageable meal plan for me and gave me advice filled with wisdom with my relationship issues.

She helped me track down the source of my weight gain and we worked from there. There were times where I fell off track and she would tell me that it's ok, just get right back on and don't be so hard on yourself, treat yourself the way you would treat someone you consider your little sister.

And slowly, I've learned to be kinder to myself, and that it's ok to not be 100% at times but just know your goal, and stay focused and disciplined after you fall and work 2x as hard to get back to where you were.

Because of Penny, I have now reached my goal weight. I feel so good in the body that I am in now and not just physically but emotionally I feel right to be in this body.

I feel lighter on my feet and I feel like I'm exuding out positive energy as well:) If you want a trainer that believes in you even when you didn't, that sees that inner potential and never gives up on you, then Penny's your girl.

Whether it be a serious life coaching, hard core training session where you'd want to cry cause it hurts so much but so good for you, or a 3x/wk 7am weight loss challenge, Penny would be there by your side as your friend, your coach and your trainer.

– Stephanie Wong, Toronto ON

I thought I was fit and strong since I played hockey and lifted weights but after training with Penny, I realized I wasn’t exactly as fit as I thought. I needed more core strength and can definitely improve my speed. Also, I learned that I did not have proper form while lifting weights!

Penny’s idea incorporated strength training with Plyometrics, along with core training has made a huge difference. I am stronger, faster and have more endurance now thanks to Penny. Thanks for showing me proper form and for killing my legs, Penny! (just kdding lol). Oh, and thanks for actually teaching me to stretch!

– Christopher M, Toronto ON

Since I have been dealing with Penny, I noticed a dramatic difference in my outlook towards the way in which my mind and body connect. Penny has taught me how to eat better, work out more effectively, and most importantly, listened to my concerns about the parts of my body that I don't love. With this, she has tailored my workout to target my 'trouble-areas' and I have consistently lost inches as the weeks have gone by!

Every couple of weeks, Penny takes the time to have an in-depth conversation with me to identify any issues I may be having to stay on track. Together we outline any problems and work together to stick to my goals. Penny has taught me that with diligence, our mind leads and our body follows.. and at times, you have to push your body, and your mind follows! 

Thank you Penny for helping me change my outlook on fitness and the mind-body connection! 

– Anis Alibhai, Toronto ON

I haven’t been to the gym for 6 months (maybe more) when I met Penny. I am a pretty big guy (6 feet 2 inches) and still had muscles from working out in the past. So I looked strong (looks can be deceiving). Penny was lifting heavier weights than me, (and she is so tiny), I was embarrassed to say the least.

I learned a lot from Penny. Big muscles do not mean you’re stronger. Tendons and ligaments have to be strong too and of course, muscles have to be worked to maintain or build strength. Penny was patient and taught me to workout from a place of strength within me that does not include my ego. Haha. Maybe I didn’t quite like that idea at first, but now I see what she’s getting at.

I have gotten so strong and fit as a result of working with Penny. You’re right Penny, it’s not so much what’s on the outside that counts, it’s more so what’s on the inside. Now I see why your slogan on your promotional materials say “empowering you from inside out.”

– Jason D, Toronto ON

I started working with Penny as my wellness coach last fall. I wasn't sure what to expect...a little intimidated perhaps. After years of on and off activity, weight gain and yo-yo diets...this great woman and I started my journey.

My very first workout set the tone. I knew that this would be very different than anything I had ever experienced! Every workout is different, with a great combination of cardio and strength training...always emphasizing proper technique...challenging me and "gently" pushing me to reach my potential. 

I never thought that my body could do this type of training. Having her there to encourage me, makes me want to do it...she is like a personal smiling, cheering squad...

This has not been without challenges!! I have had "blah" days...not wanting to get to the gym and do the work...slips in my daily food intake...Penny has always been there to help me figure out and understand how stress, negative energy, can truly affect your life. 

She continues to teach me so much about the mind and body connection, the benefits of a clean diet, and most importantly...to "breath". The changes in my body are noticeable and I feel better than ever! This has been and is a life changing experience.  

So, my journey with Penny continues...I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me! Wherever it is...I'm sure I'll get there faster, stronger and healthier!! Thanks girl! You are the best!

– Lucie R., Toronto ON

Penny has exceeded any expectation I had for a personal trainer. I have always maintained a healthy active lifestyle, but Penny has brought me to the next level, which was exactly what I was looking for. In the short time I have been working with Penny, I have seen my body transform, I am much stronger, healthier and I feel unbelievably great! 

The results I am seeing in my body makes me really happy. Our workouts are really intense and challenging and at the same time they are fun. I look forward to every single workout with her.  

I am constantly learning because of Penny's knowledge of health, fitness and overall wellness. I really admire her positivity and she is an inspiration to me. She motivates me to be my best and has made me more aware of what I put into my body. 

Our workouts have also helped me with my business as I find myself far more focused throughout the day.  Penny is a bright light in my life and comes highly recommended on a pedestal from miss Shannon Pike. 

I look forward to my bright future and all the possibilities with the help of Penny Phang.

– Shannon Pike, Toronto ON

I have been working-out for the past 5 years, and at first I was just losing weight, which was great, but then I hit what they call a plateau in weight loss. Even though I exercised every day, I still wasn't seeing any changes… and then Penny came along.

I took five classes in one week, different classes, kick-boxing, plyometrics (which became my two favorite classes) upper body, lower body, insane abs workouts (which I have never done before, being used to the traditional way of doing abs).

During classes whenever we are on a very short moment of breathing and resting time, Penny is always ready with a little suggestion on nutrition, I followed these suggestions.

And in one week, I managed to lose 7 pounds and am actually sleeping better, no more restless sleep. Thank you Penny, you rock, can't wait to be back from vacation so I can get right back into it.

– Antonella Fuoco, Toronto ON

Working with Penny as our group coach was an absolute pleasure, she is upbeat and fun and was very aware of all of our needs. She always gave 100% and was very prompt in replying any email questions I had. It was wonderful being in her class; I felt extremely motivated.

Thanks Penny, I look forward to training with you one on one!

– Sanaa Alibhai, Toronto ON

Before I was introduced to Penny I was a constant yo-yo dieter attempting to get the body I had back 5 years ago. Attempts were rarely successful and when they were I quickly returned to my old state. I never looked at fitness as a lifetime goal but more as a temporary state of happiness.

Penny quickly changed that and now I know the right types of foods I can eat and exercises to do to keep my body fit. I've never met someone with such a positive soul and such insight! She is fantastic in every way! In only 3 months, I'm 20 lbs thinner and 100 percent more fit because of Penny’s expertise.

– Melissa Hussey, Toronto ON

Meeting Penny was the turning point for me to get in shape and stay in shape for good. Penny's bootcamp class made me realize that I was incredibly out of shape. My weight was never a major issue, but at 41, I was well below average in strength and endurance. 

I was initially apprehensive. Could I work out that intensely? Would I see results? Would I stick with a program? Penny assured me that if I stuck to her program, I would definitely see results. She was tough on me, but I saw results within the first week. 

The exercises became easier as the weeks passed and I was no longer in pain from the workouts. Within four weeks, I had lost 7lbs., 9% body fat and 6 inches off my body. Penny taught me the tools to stay in shape. I am able to work out on my own now and feel confident that I will be able to maintain this for the rest of my life. Thanks Penny, I feel great!

– Annie McConvey, Toronto ON

Penny has taught me a new way of working with my body, one that I actually ENJOY and have fun while doing. I have changed the way I feel about going to the gym. It is now a part of my everyday life.  

I had basically worked out all my life but never, ever to the level of what Penny had me do. I always gave up when it got too hard, which is why I never really lost weight only fluctuated a few pounds up or down. 

Now after 5 months of training with Penny as my wellness coach and trainer, I have finally changed the way I look and my attitude towards myself is much healthier. I am much stronger, faster and have more endurance than I ever thought possible!!!!

Penny also taught me the power of breathing, such a simple thing but taught me so much!!! I am truly grateful and thankful to you Penny for teaching me the tools to change my life!!!

– Sheryl Ferguson, Toronto ON

When I started working with Penny I was really unhappy with the way I looked. I had quit smoking about 5 months prior, had a lot of stress at work and put on about 15 pounds. I was going to the gym but wasn’t losing any weight at all. 

Penny took the time to understand my eating habits, my gym regime and my goals for the future. She pushed me, motivated me and educated me. Today I am almost at my goal weight and have lost several inches off my waist, hips and thighs. But more importantly, I feel AMAZING!!! 

I’m happier, stronger, healthier and more confident than I have ever been and I owe that to Penny! For me, it is incredible to see how far I have come in such a short period of time. She keeps me on track and reminds me all the time what I’m working towards. 

I really enjoy going to the gym now and love doing all of the different “homework sessions” Penny has given me. They are challenging but fun and I always feel like I have accomplished something afterwards. She has a real gift and has taught me so much!

Thanks so much Penny!!! You are amazing!!!

– Jenn O’Neil, Toronto ON

Penny is so much more than just a personal trainer; she's a trainer, nutrition coach, mentor, and friend all rolled into one! When I first met Penny, I was at an all-time low in terms of fitness and health, and furthermore was turning to food to temporarily ease my frustration about the way I looked and felt – a difficult and vicious cycle.  

Upon meeting with Penny, I was expecting her to be able to whip me into shape – put me on a strict diet, no exceptions, and use what we so often see in media as the 'boot camp' mentality to break me down in order to build my self esteem back up.

Penny, however, gives the incredible and wise gift of teaching her clients to look at health and fitness from a place of self-love, self-worth, and wholeheartedness – something I'll forever be grateful for. 

Don't get me wrong – her fantastic workouts will have you sweating on the floor in no time – but more importantly, she has the unique ability to truly listen to her clients to achieve long-lasting, personalized results.  

When I'm having a bad day (as we all do time and again), instead of putting up walls and making me push past it, Penny takes the time to work through it with me to get to the root of the problem, which is so often the cause of our weight and health issues in the first place. What more could you ask for in a personal trainer?
Furthermore, as someone who is constantly traveling with work, Penny has been so generous to equip me with versatile workouts and tips for being healthy on the road. Her wonderful presence, energy, and dedication to her craft make it so easy as a client to jump on board and get in shape in a positive way, creating life-long, lasting change.  

I can't thank you enough, Penny!

– Kaitlin Lane, Toronto ON 

My client Susanna (and fiance, Adrian) looking so good and ready
for their upcoming wedding. Great work!! :)

I have been going to the gym off and on for a few years now, I have been pretty diligent and fierce but results were minimal (if any). I decided it was time to do something different as what I was doing was obviously not working...

I truly did not know what to expect when I met Penny but in the short time we worked together results felt like they were instantaneous! Not only does Penny take the time to get to know who you are and what your (workout/eating) patterns have been in the past, but she knows how to work your body in the way that is right for you! 

My client Lai Yee building those
sexy back muscles! Nice work!
She has an ability to push you to limits you never thought possible, targets all areas, not only by strengthening, but by melting away parts you want to get rid of. Results with Penny were quick and within a couple of weeks of our first meeting it was obvious, I had lost inches and weight almost immediately! 

An added benefit to working with Penny is that she takes the time to review your daily progress, while you might not be with her everyday, she ensures you keep a journal of your diet, and exercise plan - something that most trainers do not take the time to do, and thanks to her, I am on a track to healthy weight loss and to a body I can be proud of!  Thanks Penny! You are truly the best!

– Natasha Rouchdy, Toronto ON


Penny knows her stuff! She showed me how to lift weights (properly), the weight is lower, but I am more sore because of the proper technique. Not to mention, I got better results and I’m stronger with no injuries. She is very fun, she is right beside you the whole time, keeping things light and encouraging you.

Thanks again Penny, I have lost 1.5 inches around my waist in such a short time with you, I am sure I will lose many more!

– Graham Walsh, Toronto ON

Congrats to my clients Luke and Rachel (above) for working so hard. Looking and feeling their best for their wedding! :)

I told myself that I could get my act together, hit the gym, and be in shape in no time. When I had enough of this lie, and truly decided to seek help and guidance, I looked for a personal trainer/coach. I needed to find someone who can be flexible enough to design a program for me and my wife, actually listens, and is truly dedicated to training, and not just doing this as a part time gig for extra cash.  

I was lucky to hear of Penny. Penny listened to us, helped us conceptualize our goals and objectives, and designed a training program that takes into account what we like to eat, our habits, and our capabilities.  

With her guidance we each were able to lose 30 to 35 lbs in 3 months, and due to her teaching, it has stayed off.  If there is one take away I can pass on to you, it’s this...call her and start the conversation, the worst that can happen is nothing. The best that could happen is a road to healthy living that allows you to be proud of your body and fitness level.

 – Ash Boutros, Toronto ON