There's no shortage of research proving that bouts of intense short workouts of just 10–20 minutes can produce significant increases in health and fitness. No equipment necessary!

Join us now! Find out how to do effective short home workouts that burn fat, boost your metabolism, build lean muscles and improve your overall strength and endurance. You can truly workout less and achieve more if you know what you’re doing.

Try our fat-burning home workouts (below), coupled with well-portioned, balanced meals and watch your body and mind transform!

Let's zap those jiggly jelly parts.

10 minutes to a stronger, tighter you! I'm SERIOUS. You don't need a lot of time to get strong and fit. Just work smart.

Here's a combination of killer cardio with leg workout. While you're at it, why not tighten your chest and back of arms? Check it out.

Ab exercise method that actually burn fat
Don't let the burn you feel in your abs after doing 100 sit ups or crunches fool you to thinking that it's burning belly fat because IT IS NOT. That is the oldest and most outdated misconception you can hold on to.

Bottom line: Where you feel the burn is NOT exactly "the spot" you're burning fat. Read more.

No time? No problem! Try this quick Fat-Burner!
I'll plough through this real quick to show you your SHORT and SWEET kick-a** workout today!

We're going to cover your chest, back, arms, and push those legs pass their comfort level to chisel them into shape, all while getting your cardio in to boot! Join me now!

Short workout with big benefits
When I have very little time for a workout, I like to maximize my time with an overall body exercise that truly targets every major muscle of the body in a way that challenges my strength and endurance. Over the years, I've created a lot of different exercises to challenge myself, and therefore, my clients. Here's an oldie, but goodie!

I call it Squat Clean, Squat Press. After couple rounds of light warm-up, try 2-3 sets of 8-12 rep max. Always focus on form, before speed. Enjoy the burn! ;)  Try it now.

How to do a box jump workout (with squats)
Here's a major calorie burner (fat-buster) that will challenge your core power, lower body strength and speed. Try this "box jump-into-a-squat".

Be sure you know how to do a proper squat and jump squat first (which is a great workout in itself). Then, when you're confident in those moves, you can try this box jump workout with one or two steps. In time, as you gain more power, you can add more steps to increase the height.

No matter what height your fitness level allows you to jump, 5 minutes of this (with very short breaks between sets) can surpass what most cardio machines can do for you at a steady state for 20 minutes. You do the math! Check it out!

Total Body Fat-Burn Workout
When returning to the gym after a few weeks off, I like to do an overall body workout at a nice, steady pace to warm up my body and prep it for my next workout. So this means no lifting superheavy or going super intense, instead, just working at around 65% of my usual intensity. This way, I can cooperate with my body and slowly ease it back into routine without shocking it into injuries. Check it out here.

Metabolic workout for fat-burn and strength training
Short workouts can be highly effective and produce huge results if they're done with intensity -- done with a no-nonsense approach. This also means there should always be a few warm up rounds before going full speeds ahead, to properly prepare the mind and body, and prevent injuries!

Here's one of my many "Furious Fives" metabolic workouts that hits every major muscle of the body to the maximum, in no more than 20 minutes (or less time for the more advance). Check it out here.

3-minute core exercise to strengthen, tighten and tone
Here's a 3-minute core exercise combo you can do every other day to strengthen, tighten and tone your core area. (Even your arms will get a great workout!)

 Check it out here.

Push-up combo to build strength and sexy arms
Here's an exciting push-up combo to challenge your body to a higher level of strength, endurance and flexibility; not to mention, will aesthetically produce noticeable results for your upper body composition. ;) Check it out here.

5-minute advance calisthenics fat-burn workout
Rest days are super important for your body to recover and rebuild. Changing up your workouts and the length of time you workout can keep the body guessing and always adapting to stay strong. Some days I workout for half hour, some days maybe 45 minutes. Today, I'm just going to do my short 5-minute intense workout. Watch it here.

I've been trying to make this point: Vacation time does not have to equal "weight gain". So stop fearing this notion. I'll share some tips including one of my many 3-minute workout routines here. Check it out.

This workout is designed to improve your performance in most sports (especially sports such as hockey, golf, swimming). Try it if you want to improve your game. (Or if you simply just want to burn up body fat!) ;) Watch it here.

7-minute total body workout with a pair of DB
Start with 20 wide jump squats to burn up the legs before moving into this workout.

Narrow hand push up, row and rotate into high plank (right side, then repeat the same for the left side). Then, jump into a wide squat clean and press. Repeat this entire sequence for 7 minutes, taking a few shorts breaks (30-60 seconds) when needed or while increasing or decreasing dumbbell load. Watch it here.

How to challenge your upper body strength while tightening and toning all over
Some of my favorite workouts involve the chest, back, shoulders and core area (abs and back, lower and upper). This is one reason why I always make up new programs to challenge these muscle groups, keep things exciting, and keep my posture standing tall and feeling strong!

Here's a workout that involves those muscle groups all in one shot! It's super challenging as it recruits many muscles all at once for proper execution. So needless to say, it's a major calorie burner, as well as, total body strength and conditioning workout. :-) Check it out here.

Here is a short, intense workout involving compound and dynamic movements. Also having multiple joints and muscle groups working at once, with many different exercises involved at the same time.

These kinds of exercises demand so much more from your body's energy systems that it burns major calories in a short period of time while also continuing with its "after-burn" effect long after the workout is over. This is also described as maximizing your calorie expenditure, or boosting your metabolism. ;-) This means you can enjoy more foods and not worry so much! Check it out here.

This one is for all you kickboxing and MMA fans. Total leg and core burn! Try super-setting kickboxing with plyometrics. Total body strength and conditioning. Your heart will race — your entire body will throb. Talk about calorie burn!! Try this workout and add your own spin to it:

Bang out 10 solid reps of rear leg roundhouse kick (right leg). Execute with speed and power. Then, follow it up with 10 reps of one-legged burpees using the same leg. Finish it off with another 10 reps of roundhouse (yes, still using the right leg). (And if you want to challenge your core even more, you can throw out 20 high and low hooks with your right arm to finish it off.) Take a short break. Then do the same for the left side of your body. With each round you repeat, you can decrease your burpee reps. ;) Check it out here!

You don't need to have a gym or any special equipment to do this. You don't even have to get a baby-sitter to watch the kids. Get a MAJOR calorie burn in a short time while challenging your muscle strength and endurance to the maximum — at the playground.

The playground can be a fun, outdoor gym for us adults. There's so much to pull, climb, swing and jump on if you really want to stay active to keep your metabolism revved up. Take the kids there! Or just go on your own when it's not too busy. Check it out here.

3 Best Ab Exercises for Six Pack Abs
There are NUMEROUS combination of exercises that can help you achieve your best set of abs. For now, let’s start with this! Here are 3 best ab exercises structured together to create one of the most insanely powerful ab workouts. When properly performed together back-to-back with minimal rest between sets, it will really activate the entire core area, and stimulate those abdominal walls to achieve your best set of abs. Check out the details here.

12-Minute Plyometric Power Workout
Add power to your workout! If you want to build strength throughout your entire body while burning major calories, I highly recommend plyometrics. 

They strengthen your muscles by working them to their maximum potential in a short window. Here are 4 plyo moves you can try at 90 seconds per move, repeating 2 rounds for a quick and effective workout in just 12 minutes! Try it!

11-Minute Crazy Core Ab Workout
In this very challenging core/ab exercise video, I’ll be working out with you to keep you moving and maintaining proper form. I’ll admit, this is a very difficult core ab challenge. I don’t like wasting time with the “easy stuff" because they don’t work! So let’s just cut to the chase and do only the things that work. Yes, it will be tough, but it WILL change you in ways that you would want it to. Six-pack abs…here you come! ;) Click here.

Yes! You can do cardio anytime, anywhere.
You don't need an expensive gym membership, fancy equipment or even much space to do your cardio exercise. Do it anytime, anywhere, using your own body weight. Try this little routine to get your heart racing and muscles burning in ways even a fancy machine couldn't compete! Try It now.

Keep your workouts exciting! If you're getting bored of doing the same old push-ups, heat things up with these 7 push-up moves to challenge your body. You'll be targeting those shoulders, triceps, chest and core muscles from different angles, and in ways that will make them stronger and tighter than ever! Check it out.

Got 3 minutes? I've got a 3-minute workout for you!
Get your heart throbbing, muscle burning and fat blasting, right where you are! In just 3 minutes, you can feel better about yourself. Whether you're an advance, intermediate or a beginner, I've got all versions covered! Let’s do it together right now!

How to build a strong, sexy back while doing cardio
Yes! There are many ways you can do your cardio workout while building a strong, sexy back. This not only saves you time in the gym, but it also challenges your fitness ability to a whole other level — improving your body composition and its functional efficiency. 

Anything that challenges you can change you! It can make you stronger — make you better! Not to mention, this type of high intensity workout can burn some major calories in a small amount of time, speed up your metabolism and blast fat fast! Check it out here.

Get super fit with this high-intensity combination of strength and cardio exercise that targets every muscle in your body, gets your heart racing and burns loads of calories. No messing around here — no wasting time! Just get it in and get it done. Less time in the gym means more time for other things. Besides, all you really need for this workout is a bar and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Don't worry, there are also modified versions of this workout for beginner and intermediate. :) Get all the details on this workout, as well as, modified moves here.

Rip it Up – Cardio and Strength Training
"How can you stay in shape with only three 30-minute workouts per week?" I get asked that quite a bit. I believe it's not what you do, it's how you do it.

Here's a quick glimpse of my workout at the gym today. Feel free to try it, but please modify the moves to suit your fitness level. Click here to get the details on this workout, as well as, check out the "Quick tips for newbies."

If you have a decent aerobic base (meaning, you can jog for 20 minutes straight while still able to have a conversation), AND, if you can properly execute some basic weight lifting exercises, you can now learn to do less and achieve more — keep your workouts ever-changing, short and intense to burn maximum amount of calories in a small amount of time, while getting super strong and fit.

Here’s a quick glimpse on how I get down and dirty in the gym. :) If you want to try and go head-to-head with me, all the details are here, including tips on modification so even beginners can try! :) Take a peek here.

Pre Turkey Dinner Workout - Cardio and Strength Training (Week 5)
Before you even devour that huge meal, let's rev up your metabolism to burn fat. You can start burning a ton of calories before you even put the calories in your body.

This workout is designed to produce an "after-burn effect." This means you will continue to burn more calories even after the workout is over because your body will be expending more energy through the day in order to recover from the workout. So you can have that festive meal without guilt!

Let's have fun together! Put in your best effort—no matter what fitness level you are, you can create the after-burn effect with me. Click here for your 10-Minute Pre Turkey Dinner Workout.

Fat Burning Quickie - Cardio and Strength Training (Week 4)
Longer workouts do NOT always equal better or faster results. If you've been killing yourself at the gym and your body isn't visibly changing, you can't continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. So let's change it up!

Let's workout together. Just do your best! As long as you're doing your best, you'll always get better. Let's get to it right now! Click here for your Fat Burning Quickie workout.

Body Fat Be Gone - Cardio and Strength Training (Week 3)
Don’t even think about making any excuses about being too old, too new, too advance or too anything. As you know by now, I run through everything very quickly providing modification for every fitness level. 

This short workout is just what you need to burn fat, rev up your metabolism, mean up those lean muscle mass and boost your energy level like never before. :) Let’s go! Let’s workout together right now! Click here for your Body Fat Be Gone workout.

Lean and Mean: Cardio and Strength Training (Week 2)
Hope you enjoyed Week 1 of the 10-Minute Body Burn with Me. Get the full details on Week 2 workout here.

No such thing as too old, too new, too advance or too anything. As you know by now, I run through everything very quickly providing modification for every fitness level.

This short workout is just what you need to burn fat, rev up your metabolism, mean up those lean muscle mass and boost your energy level like never before. :) Let’s make it happen, right now! Click here for your 10-Minute Lean and Mean workout.

10-Minute Body Burn to Blast Fat Fast (Week 1)
All you need to do is workout with me 10 minutes a day from wherever you are. I know you may have been unmotivated in the past, or perhaps you just don't have enough time. Some of you travel and have no access to a gym. 

Some of you think you're "too old" or "too new" for this. If you're fragile and weak it's not because you're old, it's because you have not been using your body the way it was designed to be used. Somewhere along the way, you stopped challenging your body. Without challenge, your body cannot grow strong. Your muscles and bones deteriorate or become fragile when they don't get challenged the right way. And what you don't use, you will lose. 

So no more excuses. Just get it done, right here, right now! I promise to educate and entertain you through the entire workout. Click here. :)

How to burn a TON of calories doing short workouts
Want to burn 300-500 calories in 20 minutes? Why not try one of my 30-Minute Body Blast Bootcamp classes at home! You can play this video and follow along with my entire class. It'll be fun!! ;) 

Don't be deceived by the fact that it is only a 20-minute workout. It is insanely intense! You'll burn up more calories than most people who putt around the gym for an hour or more. When it comes to maximizing calorie-burn, it's not always about how long you workout, but more about the level of intensity. 

This 20-minute period will totally challenge your strength and endurance, and burn fat like you wouldn't believe. Try it now!

Want to burn 300-500 calories in 20 minutes? Perhaps you should try one of my Body Blast Bootcamp workout programs.

This 20-minute period will totally challenge your strength and endurance, and burn fat like you wouldn't believe. Each exercise is performed one after the other, back-to-back, with little to no rest in between. It's intense! It's not as easy as it looks (trust me), but you'll get good at it once you start and stay with it… Not to mention, you'll be hooked once you feel and see the results! :) Try it now!

10-Minute Home Workout Series 13: Dirty Thirty Strength and Cardio Interval
Having no access to equipment or memberships shouldn't prevent you from getting in shape. You have the weight of your own body… so let’s use it! 

Since exercise is so important, you need to find exercises that are effective, time-efficient and do not require any equipment so you can workout anytime, anywhere! This is why short home workouts have become so popular.

Don't have a lot of time? Give us a mere 10 minutes 3-5 times a week, and we'll hit all the major muscles of your body. You can build strength and endurance, raise your metabolism, burn body fat and increase your overall energy level; this will help lift your mood, affect your ability to think clearly and make better decisions.

I dare you to try my Dirty Thirty Strength Training and Cardio Interval. But as usual, please read my tips and advice first before proceeding! Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 12: One Wicked Workout to Go!
Conventional training says workouts have to be 45 minutes to an hour to be effective. However, it’s been proven time and time again, in order for a workout to be effective, it's not necessarily about the length of the workout, but more, what you do in the time you have.

If you've built an aerobic base (and this is important—you must have an aerobic base), you can take advantage of high intensity interval training. This means you can learn to do shorter workouts to get greater results.

After watching the video here, please go over my coaching tips and advice carefully before executing the workout—this can help you perform your best to achieve results and prevent injuries. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 11: Crazy Eights
When it comes to boosting metabolism, increasing lean muscles, and maximizing fat burning, high intensity interval training has been identified as being one of the most effective.

Previous research has shown that just 20 minutes of high intensity training, 2-3 times a week, can yield greater results than slow and steady long-drawn-out conventional aerobics done 5 times a week. So choose a few of my 10-minute workouts and perform them back-to-back for a total of 20 minutes (not including warm up and stretching time, of course.) ;)

Before you try this next workout (and even if you’re hesitant), here’s some helpful coaching advice that will help you do well. Learn why you don’t have to be so concern with the weighing machine anymore! Get the details. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 10: ABS-olutely Cardio
The key to boosting weight loss and getting the most out of your exercise routine is to make sure to incorporate high-intensity, short-burst-type exercises, at least 2-3 times per week (along with a balanced, well-portioned, nutrient-rich diet).

Many studies have confirmed that exercising in shorter high-intensity "bursts" with short rest periods in between burns more fat than exercising continuously at a slow "comfortable" pace for a long session. So why not start here, right now, with ABS-olutely Cardio. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 9: Mighty Threesome
Weight loss researchers coined the term "yo-yo dieting" to describe intermittent weight loss efforts that leave people heavier and heavier.

And now there is yo-yo exercising: Repeatedly starting and stopping a workout routine makes weight loss more challenging and weight gain likely, according to data from the National Runners' Health Study. Perhaps it's time to commit to a 10-minute-a-day home workout starting right here, right now, with Mighty Threesome. No equipment needed! Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 8: Furious Fives
If you think only epic routines produce results, think again. Research suggests that 10-minute activity bursts can give you a good boost and pay off big. So why not make the most of it? Learn to maximize your 10 minutes a day with this home workout. Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now, with Furious Fives. No equipment needed! Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 7: Seriously Sexy Legs
Want strong, tight, sexy, sculpted legs? Try this "Seriously Sexy Legs" workout I've put together to tear your legs up so they can build back stronger, leaner and meaner! :) Gentlemen, don't be fooled by the title of this workout — it's not designed just for the ladies. ;) It's tougher than it looks! The best part? You can do it right where you are! Watch video, get the details: list of leg exercises, ideas on sets, reps, frequency, warm up moves and bonus tips. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 6: Bad to the CORE
Finally! It's okay to be bad! Try this "Bad to the CORE" workout. Who knew being bad could be so good for you? ;) You only need 10 minutes to increase your strength and endurance, while tightening your core. A strong core can give you more power and stability in every move you make, whether it be in or out of the gym. So go ahead and be bad! Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now. Be bad! ;) Click here.

Simple ways to get a total body warm-up
Penny shares some simple ideas to get a great warm-up before your workout. Watch video, get quick tips and find out the Top 8 Reasons to Warm-Up Before a Workout. Click here

10-Minute Home Workout Series 5: Minute Madness
Don't have time? Travel too much? Can't find a gym? Can't afford fancy equipment? No problem! You only need 10 minutes to increase your strength and endurance, speed up your metabolism, burn a ton of calories. And you can do it all, right where you are! No fancy equipment needed. All you need is you! Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now, with Minute Madness. Click here.

Try something new this weekTry boxing! Boxing not only helps to build and tone your muscular stature, but also helps you to gain mental strength. It is a great workout to stimulate your mind, body and soul. Not to mention, fun, and burns tons of calories! Watch video of Penny's demo, and find out the top 7 benefits of boxing. While you're there, use the exercise calculator to see how much calories you can burn during an exercise. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 4: Ten-acity
I dare you to try "Ten-acity." This 10-minute home workout is sure to get you dripping in sweat. If you haven't yet joined the Wellness Movement, it's not too late. Now is the time! Challenge your strength and endurance, exercise your heart, burn a ton of calories, speed up your metabolism. Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now, with Ten-acity. Click here.

Penny shows you how to combine cardio and resistance training to maximize your workout, boost metabolism, and burn some MAJOR calories (fat), all while building strength, speed and endurance. Find a modified version of this workout and other helpful tips. Click here.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 3: Four-tified
Have you joined "The Wellness Movement"? If not, it's not too late to get on board and "move". Try this 10-minute home workout sure to get you sweating; challenge your strength and endurance, exercise your heart, burn a ton of calories and speed up your metabolism. Join the Wellness Movement! Start here, right now, with Four-tified. Click here.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Penny
Penny demonstrates kickboxing combos for a great cardio and strength conditioning workout.

10-Minute Home Workout Series 2: Back to Basics
Have you joined "The Wellness Movement"? If not, it's not too late to get on board and "move". Try this 10-minute home workout sure to get you sweating; challenge your strength and endurance, exercise your heart, burn a ton of calories, speed up your metabolism... need I go on?.. ;) Join the Wellness Movement with Back to Basics. Click here.

Join the Wellness Movement!
It is time. I am officially launching the "Join the Wellness Movement" campaign. And I hope you will join me, and many others, in making small changes each day to better your overall wellbeing. Let's kick-start the campaign with this simple task... Start here, right now, with this 10-Minute Home Workout Series 1: Step It Up. Click here.

Combination move: Push-up into squat thruster

Working the chest, shoulders, legs and glutes with butterfly press followed by skater side lunge.

Flip grip triceps kickback, followed by pulsing to burn out the triceps. Adding some plyometrics to rest the arms before the next set of triceps exercise. 

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