Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One Strong Mama – Transformed!

My beautiful client Kathryn is One Strong Mama and a busy executive.

When we met, she was on her way to giving up carbs. Oh no!! I had to coach her back into adding carbs steadily throughout her day working around her activity level.

She was also a "cardio queen" but soon realized she wasn't getting any further with her fitness goals doing that. She felt stuck and needed a plan that would work around her busy schedule.

This is where I coached her into the mentality of "eat more, lift more"... and because she had no previous major injuries I also got her to "jump more" (plyometrics) ..she never liked me very much for this part lol. I just tell her, "hate me now, love me later!"

We added variety and fun to her workouts and focused on building strength over simply focusing on "weight loss". The side effects of doing so is way more rewarding.

She is diligent at following my program and amazes me with what she can do!! Best part, she tells me people at her work younger than her were admiring her fit body and want to know her secret!

You rock, girl! Thanks for all the fun and laughter. Always looking forward to seeing you!

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