Monday, August 17, 2015

Why is your life experience going the way it is?

How you see your outer world has to do with what’s going on with your inner world. In other words, your experience of the world around you is a direct reflection of what’s going on with the world within you. Whatever your mind thinks, your body follows. That’s how powerful you truly are!

Just as the rain falls on all of us alike, the Universe DOES NOT take sides, it does not judge you or punish you (as some would like to think). YOU are THE ultimate decision-maker on how you want to shape your inner world to reflect a more appealing outer experience. You ARE the product of your own thoughts.

So take a moment to ponder: what kind of thoughts do you predominantly fill your mind with (whether directly or indirectly)? Are they thoughts stemmed from blame, anxiousness, self-righteousness, anger, despair, impatience, self-pity? Or are they thoughts of ways to be less judgmental, more forgiving, patient, compassionate, accepting, modest, and open to learning more on how to restore the balance in your inner world?

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