Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't blame the pasta — it's NOT bad for you!

I find that most people think that pasta is "bad for you." Let me clarify: It is NOT the pasta that is bad for you, but it is how you prepare it and how much you consume at a time that can make it bad. Also, most fail to eat their veggies when having pasta, which leads to a nutritionally-imbalanced meal.

I love pasta, but I don’t eat it everyday. If you should decide to eat it more regularly, try to choose a higher fiber pasta (so you don’t just eat empty calories), and if you can, also try to choose gluten-free pasta as it can promote better digestion and avoid bloating and discomfort altogether.

Choose lighter tomato-base sauces and not the extra creamy alfredo-type sauces. And even if you should choose a heavier sauce every now and again, always be mindful of your portions. It's fine to have a cup cooked or so of pasta (or a more accurate gauge based on your body size would be to go with a portion roughly the size of your own fist).

Don’t greedily have a whole big bowl or full plate to a point where you can't breathe — unless you're planning on going for a big workout later; but even then, you should be smart about your portions — especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

Also, whether at home or at a restaurant, try to add (or order) veggies on your pasta. For me, even if my pasta does not come with veggies, I choose to do stuff like add a bunch of leafy greens on my plate before I add hot pasta. This wilts the greens a bit, which tastes great! Or I'll add more tomatoes and red peppers. This way, my pasta dish is always balanced with all the nutrients I need. (If all else fails, just have a side salad with your pasta.) :)

These are just some of the little things I do to keep my body healthy and strong. I want for you to have good health while enjoying your foods. Start thinking of ways you can be more balanced with your approach to eating!

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