Friday, January 30, 2015

Push-up combo to build strength and sexy arms

Here's an exciting push-up combo to challenge your body to ahigher level of strength, endurance and flexibility; not to mention, will aesthetically produce noticeable results for your upper body composition. ;)

If you're advanced enough to do this workout properly, great! But don't worry if you're a beginner or at an intermediate level, I've got you covered, too!

I'll show you how you can modify the moves to slowly advance in time. Even this early stage of the process will give you results, so don't be afraid to try or doubt that it's working for you. You've got to start somewhere! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't blame the pasta — it's NOT bad for you!

I find that most people think that pasta is "bad for you." Let me clarify: It is NOT the pasta that is bad for you, but it is how you prepare it and how much you consume at a time that can make it bad. Also, most fail to eat their veggies when having pasta, which leads to a nutritionally-imbalanced meal.

I love pasta, but I don’t eat it everyday. If you should decide to eat it more regularly, try to choose a higher fiber pasta (so you don’t just eat empty calories), and if you can, also try to choose gluten-free pasta as it can promote better digestion and avoid bloating and discomfort altogether.

Choose lighter tomato-base sauces and not the extra creamy alfredo-type sauces. And even if you should choose a heavier sauce every now and again, always be mindful of your portions. It's fine to have a cup cooked or so of pasta (or a more accurate gauge based on your body size would be to go with a portion roughly the size of your own fist).

Don’t greedily have a whole big bowl or full plate to a point where you can't breathe — unless you're planning on going for a big workout later; but even then, you should be smart about your portions — especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

Also, whether at home or at a restaurant, try to add (or order) veggies on your pasta. For me, even if my pasta does not come with veggies, I choose to do stuff like add a bunch of leafy greens on my plate before I add hot pasta. This wilts the greens a bit, which tastes great! Or I'll add more tomatoes and red peppers. This way, my pasta dish is always balanced with all the nutrients I need. (If all else fails, just have a side salad with your pasta.) :)

These are just some of the little things I do to keep my body healthy and strong. I want for you to have good health while enjoying your foods. Start thinking of ways you can be more balanced with your approach to eating!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

5-minute advance calisthenics fat-burn workout

After being away for the holidays and taking time off from the gym for almost 3 weeks, it's easy to get back to the gym and feel the need to go hard on the first day. But this is a BIG no-no!

First off, after being away for so long, it won't take much to feel sore after a workout. So no need to go hard on the first day back just because you haven't been regular. Don't do it out of guilt or vengeance. Instead, change to a healthier mindset -- and do it out of the need to restore balance in your body. This is how you avoid injuries altogether -- whether it be an onset injury or a delayed one.

I prefer to come back on my first day doing half the intensity of what I normally would do. And that alone, I already feel super sore for the next few days or so. So I rest up, then go light and continue to do the same on the next workout, slowly upping my intensity that by the end of second week or so I'm naturally back to where I want to be. Injury free and feeling strong!

Rest days are super important for your body to recover and rebuild. Changing up your workouts and the length of time you workout can keep the body guessing and always adapting to stay strong. Some days I workout for half hour, some days maybe 45 minutes. Today, I'm just going to do my short 5-minute intense workout.

8 close grip pull-up
8 hit the floor (push-up) burpees
8 knee tuck jumps

Rest 60 seconds, repeat 2nd set at 7 reps for each exercise. Rest, repeat 3rd set at 6 reps for each exercise. And 4th set at 5 reps each.