Monday, September 1, 2014

How to challenge your upper body strength while tightening and toning all over

Some of my favorite workouts involve the chest, back, shoulders and core area (abs and back, lower and upper). This is one reason why I always make up new programs to challenge these muscle groups, keep things exciting, and keep my posture standing tall and feeling strong!

Here's a workout that involves those muscle groups all in one shot! It's super challenging as it recruits many muscles all at once for proper execution. So needless to say, it's a major calorie burner, as well as, total body strength and conditioning workout. :-)

- Start in a high plank position while executing (alternating) one arm lateral raise. 20 reps.
- Immediately transition into Renegade row. 20 reps.
- And finish with push-ups. 20 reps.

Execute 5 sets. First set, 20 reps for each exercise. (Each row or raise is considered a rep). Second set, drop to 16 reps per exercise, third set at 14 reps, fourth set at 12 reps, and fifth set at 10 reps.  

Be sure to choose a weight challenging enough that in each set you can only properly execute the number of reps prescribed here. Keep rest time between sets to a minimal.

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