Thursday, August 7, 2014

Need a short, total body-burn gym-workout?

Here is a short, intense workout involving compound and dynamic movements. Also having multiple joints and muscle groups working at once, with many different exercises involved at the same time. 

These kinds of exercises demand so much more from your body's energy systems that it burns major calories in a short period of time while also continuing with its "after-burn" effect long after the workout is over. This is also described as maximizing your calorie expenditure, or boosting your metabolism. This means you can enjoy more foods and not worry so much!

This method of working out is fun, but challenging and intense. This is why it is highly effective remaining as a short workout (20-30 minutes max). This kind of short, intense workout can supersede the benefits of a full hour of mediocre workout. 

If you have a good fitness base, you can start training your body to become more conditioned to do advanced moves and not have to spend hours at the gym when you can spend less time to do more. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable because change only happens through challenge. So just know that if you're not challenging yourself, you're not changing.

This workout here can be done with or without a BOSU ball. The use of the ball is simply to create more challenge as it creates an unstable surface. You can perform this exercise using timed interval, or sets and reps, or both. You can even change the weight volume and the number of reps as you perform each round. Here's an example:

- 10 cable close-grip pulldown
- 20 lateral jumpsquats
- 20 wide squat jump reach
- 10 push-up wide-leg burpee

Repeat as time permits. Maybe even time yourself and see if you can beat your own time! ;)

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