Saturday, February 1, 2014

Want to burn through food (calories) as you eat?

Build some serious lean muscles if you want to burn through food. Stop making excuses that you have a genetically slow metabolism! Muscles are a LIVE tissue and so require a lot of energy just to stay alive and active. Hence, it will burn through food (calories) even when you are at rest.

Whereas, fat is not so alive at all and is happy just to sit around. This is why you want to include strength training to your lifestyle habits.

Also, you'll need to get sufficient amount of good protein (from green veggies, lean meat i.e. chicken breast, fish or beans) in your diet in order to build and maintain lean muscle mass. However, DO NOT overdo the protein. Half a gram to every pound of body weight is sufficient. 

If you're a regular gym-goer and/or building some major muscles, then a little more is okay... up to 1g per pound is fine, but try not to go over that as it can be very taxing on your kidneys.

Enjoy leaning up. Remember: Green and Protein equals LEAN. So be sure to eat your greens and proteins everyday! :)


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