Monday, January 27, 2014

Your perception can make you, or break you

The way you pay attention to the world can make a huge difference in the way you experience it.

Judgment only limits your perception — therefore, your opportunities. There is no need for judgment if it’s not adding any value other than more pain to your emotions (wasted energy). Instead, recognize the thing or person you want to judge as whether it is something you choose to experience more of, or less of. And take your next steps from this perception.

When you choose to pass judgment, then you have chosen to label something as good, bad, right or wrong.

When you consider something to be “bad” or “wrong”, you more than likely will have strong negative feelings about it. In one way or another, without awareness of your own behavior (out loud or to yourself), you may belittle, talk down, demean, criticize or feel resentment toward the thing or person you are judging. That’s a whole lot of negative emotions coming from you! How does this make you a better person?

Strong negative emotions held for an extended period can only draw more of the same to you. Those negative emotions have a chemical affect in your body — and it's toxic to your spirit. Is it really worth being judgmental?

Perhaps it's healthier and wiser on your part to simply address the matter as an experience in your life you choose to have more of, or less of. Then, take action from there. With that, your action will be a more empowered one.

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