Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your wellbeing begins with your thoughts..

You have everything it takes to create a life you've been wishing for! Whether it is to do with your health, your relationships, your career, or your overall lifestyle, you CAN change it for the better. 

NOTHING in life is permanent. The only thing permanent is change. This is one of the most exciting "Universal Laws" that life has to offer. This means whatever isn't working in your life can be changed. And whatever is working beautifully in the moment can continue to change and evolve into something even more beautiful.

Let's take the natural intelligence of your body for example: If you pinch an inch around your waist, the fat that you are squeezing is not the same as it was last month. Your adipose tissues (fat cells) fill up with fat and empty out constantly, so that all of it is exchanged every 3 weeks. You acquire a new stomach lining every 5 days. Your skin is new every 5 weeks. 

Your skeleton, seemingly so solid and rigid, is entirely new every 3 months. Every year, 98% of the total number of atoms in your body are replaced. 

So my question to you is: What makes you think you cannot heal yourself of discomfort or dis-ease? What makes you think you can't change the way you think and take care of yourself so that you don't keep contaminating your "new" parts with the "old" parts?

As human beings with conscious awareness, we're the only creatures on the planet that can change our biology through our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them. The slightest shift of mood is picked up by every cell, which means that we do not think with our brain alone; all 50 trillion cells actively share our thoughts.

More and more, we begin to understand that thoughts turn into matter. What we think catalyzes a change in our bodies. When we're anxious, depress, frightened about the future or worried about the pass, we send our body messages that cause it to transform in an instant to help us react to the threat that faces us, even when no real threat exists. 

However, if we face each moment with present moment awareness, enthusiasm, passion for life, optimism and then openness to all life's suprises, then we send ourselves a completely different positive message.

Because we possess this sub-conscious ability to heal or create toxiciy in our bodies through thought, our work is to mentally go with the flow, creating positive thought patterns that support our optimal health and wellbeing.

Start your new year right! Whatever it is that you believe is not possible for you, change it now. Change that thought. Now that you have new information that your body is constantly changing to renew itself for your best interest, it is your chance to make new decisions for this new year. 

Change your thoughts right now, and you can change your life.

From my beautiful family to yours, have a happy new year filled with health, success and joy!

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