Monday, October 21, 2013

Got 3 minutes? I've got a 3-minute workout for you!

Got 3 minutes? I've got a 3-minute workout for you! Get your heart throbbing, muscle burning and fat blasting, right where you are! 

If you say you don't even have 3 minutes to devote to your body, then you're just plain LAZY. You're also indicating that you do not respect your body enough to give it 3 minutes of attention. If that's the case, you've certainly made excuses long enough to make those excuses a "habit."

Break away from this "limiting habitual way of thinking." In just 3 minutes, you can feel better about yourself. Whether you're an advance, intermediate or a beginner, I've got all versions covered! Are you seriously going to make yet another excuse?

I dare you to do this workout with me. ;) Won't take up much time, but will reward much in return.

Make sure you warm up your body first with a few minutes of jumping jacks, or running-on-the-spot, before you begin. Then, let's do the 3-minute workout together!

P.S. Try to keep up with me, but also listen to your body. Gauge it, and go at your own pace — but keep it challenging! 

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