Monday, October 21, 2013

Got 3 minutes? I've got a 3-minute workout for you!

Got 3 minutes? I've got a 3-minute workout for you! Get your heart throbbing, muscle burning and fat blasting, right where you are! 

If you say you don't even have 3 minutes to devote to your body, then you're just plain LAZY. You're also indicating that you do not respect your body enough to give it 3 minutes of attention. If that's the case, you've certainly made excuses long enough to make those excuses a "habit."

Break away from this "limiting habitual way of thinking." In just 3 minutes, you can feel better about yourself. Whether you're an advance, intermediate or a beginner, I've got all versions covered! Are you seriously going to make yet another excuse?

I dare you to do this workout with me. ;) Won't take up much time, but will reward much in return.

Make sure you warm up your body first with a few minutes of jumping jacks, or running-on-the-spot, before you begin. Then, let's do the 3-minute workout together!

P.S. Try to keep up with me, but also listen to your body. Gauge it, and go at your own pace — but keep it challenging! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How discomfort can start from your feet

If you want to be able to walk, run and jump freely for life, be mindful of how you treat your joints when you move right now (especially during workouts). Try to keep light on your feet, especially when you run or do a workout that requires you to jump (ex. Plyometrics).

Rather than mindlessly slamming your foot on a surface when you move, try to move light on your feet. You can tell when you're being heavy on your feet just by the noise you make when your foot lands on a surface. Try to make less noise — this way you know you're practicing to be lighter on your feet.

When walking or running, try to "place" one foot after the other, not "land" one foot after the other. Practice this better habit of movement. It may be hard at first to correct years of bad movement, but it will challenge you to be better and inevitably make you stronger for years to come.

When you do jumping movements, try to absorb the shock or impact of the landing by landing lightly on the ball of your foot first, then roll back towards the heel of your foot . Don't just mindlessly slam the bottom of your foot on the surface. This will severely stress out your joints. The impact will sooner or later cause pain in your ankles, knees, hips, butt and back.

So keep light on your feet. Your joints will thank you. Your back will thank you. Heck, your whole body will thank you!