Thursday, September 19, 2013

What can you do "right now" to feel more empowered?

Question for Penny: I feel really down and out. I feel like I can do many things better but I don't even know how or where to begin. What is the first step I can take "right now" to start feeling more empowered? 

What you can do right now is to learn to FORGIVE yourself. Just know that all you can do is your best. And your best will be different all the time. Your best will be different when you're happy as oppose to when you're sad or angry. And THAT IS OKAY. There's nothing wrong with that. It is only your ego that wants to label things "wrong." So you beat yourself up as a result. How do you break this unrewarding, habitual way of being?

First, try to delve deeper and see past the ego. In this way you can get in touch with your higher self — the wiser self who knows better. This wiser self in you KNOWS you can only do your best based on your circumstances in each moment. And each moment is never the same so you can't always be exactly the same either. You have to flow with the situation. In other words, you have to flow with life. ACCEPT your best as it is in each moment. FORGIVE YOURSELF. When you forgive yourself, you stop fighting yourself. 

When you stop fighting yourself, there's no longer a fight to tend to. Without the fight, you will have more energy to see clearly and move forward in a more empowering direction. I challenge you to try it. Try it for at least one full day. Just do your best, and no matter what happens, FORGIVE yourself without judgment. See what happens...

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