Friday, May 3, 2013

What does it mean to eat a balanced meal?

"Eat a balanced meal!" 

What the heck does that mean anyway? Well, generally, what that means is that you should enjoy your foods to FUEL up, NOT to fill up! To give you an idea, allow me to share with you a quick video of the lunch I'm making today...but keep this in mind while you watch:

The nutrients from food, and the portion size is KEY to creating a balanced meal. Without the details of your body's current state, I can only offer a VERY general guideline here: Have about a palm size (your palm) of lean protein, half cup to a full cup of good carbs, a ton of colorful veggies (at least 2 cups). BUT... 

..saying this, however, you've got to be flexible with your portions depending on your goals. So for example, for me, my portions are slightly different from day-to-day depending on the intensity of my schedule for that day. I ask myself: Do I have a jam-packed day of running around? Will I be working out today? If so, is it an intense workout or just an easy one? Or will I be having a relaxed day altogether?... 

...Maybe I'm recovering from an intense workout and need to replenish glycogen stores (sugar/energy) in my muscles for the next time I workout? Or maybe I want to really clean up my food today to make up for my "naughty-eating" from the past few days?

All these factors guide me to premeditate how much I eat, and what I eat day-to-day to supply me with all the necessary energy to thrive or maintain my ideal physique all year round. Want a clearer mental picture of what a balanced meal could look like? Check out my video above.

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