Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weight loss tip: Forget the scale! Here's why

Try to aim for "real overall results." Don't fixate only on your weight. "Losing weight" does not always ensure you are better, healthier, stronger, or more empowered. There are too many other factors that can be used to measure your success. Here are some examples:

- I have so much energy now. I can even run faster, jump higher, lift heavier than ever before! Grrr!
- I lost inches everywhere and can now fit into those jeans and actually look GOOD in them. Yes!! 
- My arms, legs and abs look strong, tight and defined — no more flabs for me, thank you very much! 
... you get the picture! ;)

Remember, the scale is not always the best indicator of success. I know for a fact that I weigh the same as most of my petite friends (I'm only 5'3"), however, though I may weigh the same as them and in some cases even weigh more than them, I still wear smaller clothing sizes than them (size 0-2 believe it or not). They wear bigger sizes than me (ranging from size 3-4). 

Why is this? Well, with my short intense workouts, I'm able to build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and keep it that way! With more lean muscles on me, I'm quite dense for a petite girl and therefore weigh more than I look. My muscles may render me heavier, but they also make me much leaner and tighter looking. Hence, I wear an extra small. So you see?...sometimes you've just got to say, "Who cares what the scale says if I drop inches and I look good in my clothes!" 

So no need to focus on the scale all the time. Focus on your performance and you will be TRULY EMPOWERED. You'll be able to workout with your body in a way that you couldn't before. Better performance will result in better body strength, shape, stamina and more! All these factors go hand-in-hand. So if you focus on drastically improving your performance, rest assured your body (inside and out) will drastically improve itself to match up!

If you want to workout smart to maximize your efforts; spend less time to burn more fat; learn short, intense workouts that work; feel free to get some ideas here by clicking the link "Fat-Burn Workouts" on the top bar. Or just click here.


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