Friday, April 12, 2013

A lesson on "perfection" you need to understand

“That's perfect!" I exclaim (with a huge grin) when someone is doing their best to make positive changes in their lives. Most would then reply somewhere along the lines of, "Really? I have such a long way to go... How will I ever get it perfect?" And my respond would then usually go a little something like this:

Don't aim to be "perfect." Aim instead, for improved performance! Aim to do your best in every given scenario. As long as you're doing your best you'll always get better; this in itself is perfection — that continuous journey of making a conscious effort to do your best, to try your best. 

And your best will not always be the same. And that’s perfect, too. It will be different when you're happy as oppose to sad. It will be different when you're sick as oppose to healthy.

But doing your best, given the circumstances you’re in… well, that’s perfection! It doesn't mean you won't still make mistakes or have challenges to overcome. But by doing your best based on what is available to you in that moment, those so called "mistakes" and "challenges" will come with their own set of rewards every step of the way. They will be exactly the journey you need to learn, grow and evolve into the fullest expression of your best Self. 

This twisting and turning journey called life that we so daringly embark on is just the thing that makes us nothing short of perfection. So next time you see someone (including yourself) doing their best, just thank them for displaying perfection. Tell them, “You’re perfect for doing your best!" 

After all, is there anything more perfect than a person doing their best?


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