Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One way to clean up after a bad day of eating

Had a BIG bad food day yesterday… burgers, fries, chicken wings, you name it! Time to clean it up today! Having one of my extremely nutritious, delicious and cleansing drinks made with only some of the world's healthiest ingredients.

A handful of spinach, half a red bell pepper, one glass of water (250 mL or 8 oz), a nickel-sized chunk of ginger, and mint leaves. There's so much goodness in this glass of juice!..

…just to name a few: there's a ton of natural vitamins and minerals; not to mention the high vitamin C in the peppers helps the body absorb the (non heme) iron in the spinach. The peppers also add natural sweetness, so put more if you like.

Ginger and mint are cleansing, and also provide antioxidants among many other benefits. :)

Drink 2-3 glasses throughout the day adding to it 1-2 "clean" well-balanced meals. Here are some ideas on clean, lean and delicious meal combos. Click here for: 3 meals that change the way you look and feel.

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