Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What do my abs really look like? And why?

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You do not have to "be perfect" to look and feel good. Every "body" is unique and has its strengths and weaknesses; explore what yours are, and have fun finding a balance that works best for you. Yes, FOR YOU! 

Don't be concern with others. Just adopt the things that work for you, and let go the things that don't. Try and keep it simple when making health and fitness goals.

For me, I choose to have a body composition that keeps me healthy and happy — one where I can truly enjoy life without feeling deprived in any way. (See photo and caption above.)

First 2 photos: This is what it looks like when I’m in the process of leaning out my abs. Not my favourite to maintain — have to eat super clean and really work my abs so muscles can show. I may only do this for major appearances on TV, in magazines or competitions. Other than that, I don’t like being so strict with myself — I prefer a balance that is more realistic for me... 

Third photo: This is the look I prefer to maintain... not-so-lean in the belly. Get to eat what I want in moderation. Maintain three 30-40 minute workouts per week. :))

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