Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good for you? Bad for you? Which is it?

Every now and again I hear people make comments such as "you shouldn't lift heavy weights, it's so bad for you and will hurt your back" or "don't do those jumping workouts, they're terrible for your knees and ankles." 

Well, from the sound of it, people make these comments either from personal experience or from hearsay. Regardless, neither is good enough! It's like sharing misguided information or incomplete truths, which of course is in no way empowering to you or the other person you're sharing with. So keep this in mind next time you share fitness advice...

Any exercise can be terrible for you if you do not execute with proper form; if you do not know the true mechanics; or if you do not perform the pre and post workout routine. So I suggest you study or ask people who actually know what they're doing

Let's use the negative comment about jumping as an example: There are specific techniques in the way you jump and the way you land that can keep you safe. If you do not know those techniques well, you will eventually experience injuries.

Plus, if you don't have an aerobic base to begin with, and you just go ahead and perform the moves like you're invincible, then you can certainly expect injuries. Furthermore, if you have weak knees/ankles or an injury from the past that you did not properly attend to first, then you can also expect injuries. 

So before sharing any misguided conclusions, find out what it is that you may be missing, and what you need to work on. It is not only up to the workouts to improve you, it is also up to you to improve on your workouts.

Be patient when working out. Always learn to start slow and focus on proper form/technique and accuracy before you focus on speed, power or intensity.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Is it really happening or is it just in your head?

This is true of most of our suffering. Don't believe it? Go ahead and observe the kind of thoughts you project, predict, play and replay in your mind. Observe how much you may be living in your head instead of experiencing the present moment that is right in front of you. 

The what if's, could have's, should have's, they all live in your mind, they don't really exist in reality... They may exist in your head because you think it so, but that doesn't make it real—at least, not yet.

Anything that lives in your head is only but an illusion that can be made real by your actions in the present moment. Perhaps it would be wise to get out of living in your head and practice turning your attention to the present moment

Make a conscious effort today and everyday to choose thoughts that will serve you better, and be "here" (not in your head) to make choices that can take you a little closer to the things you want, rather than just "think" about the things you do not want.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Preventing illness is better than reversing

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Preventing illness is better than reversing. Everything your body needs, nature can provide. So use natural remedies to keep well and prevent illness. Don't wait till it's too late and rush to use some form of medication to reverse the effects—only to experience momentary ease usually accompanied by "side effects" or prolonged health issues.

If you're aiming for long-term sustainable health, don't just silence your symptoms with pills. Learn to dig deeper! Don't just deal with the "cause" of a problem, deal with the ''root" of the problem. Learn to create powerful health naturally!

If you or someone you know currently have health issues and want to take the natural route to create powerful health, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the world’s leading providers of alternative and natural healing. So just to give you a powerful start on natural healing, here’s a suggestion to explore...

Check it out here on Dr. Richard Schulze’s website. Be sure to visit Dr. Richard Schulze's blog as well — it’s filled with helpful information, advice and remedies you or someone you know may really need right now! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

A little food for thought to inspire your Monday

There's only so much space in your life—physically and energetically. Whatever you put your energy on (be it good or bad) will only intensify and attract more of the same to you.

So focus on choosing only the things you want, and make room for them in your life. You have to close one door before another can open; end one chapter before another can begin. This deliberate act of creating space in your life sends a powerful signal that can draw all the right people and things into your life.

So do not ask why the right things have not found you. Instead, recognize if you've been "unavailable" to receive? Perhaps you've been busy spending your energy chasing the wrong things? Could today be "the day" for you to close a door, or end a chapter so a new one can begin?