Monday, September 10, 2012

World famous failures are also world famous successors!

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You cannot learn or grow from a place of total comfort and familiarity... only obstacles and challenges can exercise the muscles of your mind, heart and spirit.

And this is why "failure" or "mistakes" seem to be the only path to growth, expansion and success. There is no way around it—no short cuts. And even if you do find a short cut, it will be short-lived. "Failure" is inevitable if you want to achieve success. Paradox? Yes, perhaps. But that's life.

Failures are indeed blessings in disguise... however, it is a blessing that can move in your favor under one condition—and that is, if you deliberately choose to see it as an opportunity to learn and create a greater good, not delve deeper into the sorrow and self-pity.

The choice is always yours. Just remember: nothing can be a "mistake" if you've learned from it. Truly, you can always find something to learn from every mistake.

Study your favorite people and you'll find that their success did not come without "failures". Don't resist this natural flow of life, embrace it as an opportunity to achieve more.

Change your perception of failure into a positive one and your success will follow.

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