Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to burn a TON of calories doing short workouts

Play bootcamp video below
Want to burn 300-500 calories in 20 minutes? Why not try one of my 30-Minute Body Blast Bootcamp classes at home! You can play this video and follow along with my entire class. It'll be fun!! ;) 

Don't be deceived by the fact that it is only a 20-minute workout. It is insanely intense! You'll burn up more calories than most people who putt around the gym for an hour or more. When it comes to maximizing calorie-burn, it's not always about how long you workout, but more about the level of intensity. 

This 20-minute period will totally challenge your strength and endurance, and burn fat like you wouldn't believe. Each exercise is performed one after the other, back-to-back, with little to no rest in between. It's intense! It's not as easy as it looks (trust me), but you'll get good at it once you start and stay with it.. Not to mention, you'll be hooked once you feel and see the results! 

Before you begin, please scroll down to read my quick tips and advice.

All you need is some free weights. It's a total of 30 minutes:
• 5-10 minutes of warm up and going over proper form
• 20-minute intense workout
• 5-minute cool down stretch

When doing the warm up, if you don't have space to run, just run on the spot and/or do jumping jacks.

Whatever your fitness level, make sure you start slow and go at your own pace. Work according to your fitness level — it'll be challenging no matter what your fitness level, especially when you start adding heavier weights, moving faster, doing lower squats and making higher jumps. 

Here is the list of exercises (with some suggested modification for newbies), and interval times:

2 min — 2 Pushups 2 Squat Thrusters (pushups can be done on knees)
1 min — Burpees (with or without knee tucks)
1 min — Squat Curl Press
30 sec — Bicep Curl
30 sec — Shoulder Press
1 min — Burpees (with 2 jump squats forward and 2 backwards. You can even do 1-1 instead of 2-2. If that's too difficult, just jump forward and back without the full squats)
1 min — One-Arm Wide Squat DB Snatch (right arm)
30 sec — Jump Jack Pushups
1 min — One-Arm Wide Squat DB Snatch (left arm)
30 sec — Jump Jack Pushups
1 min — Knee Tuck Core Workout (with or without weights)
30 sec — Sprinter Sit-Ups (right side)
30 sec — Sprinter Sit-Ups (left side)
Finish off with 30–50 reps of Torso Twist (with or without weights). 

Happy Bootcamping! :)


  1. Hi Penny!
    Your entire interval time is 11 minutes excluding the finisher (torso twist). Will I repeat the entire series 1 more time to make it to an intense 20 minute interval as said in your breakdown to a total 30 minute interval?

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Josephine,

    Actually the entire interval time is over 12 minutes (this is the intense part of the workout). If you played the video and did the entire class, you'll see that the warm up part, including the intense workout time will all add up to over 20 minutes, plus stretches which then adds up to a little over 30 minute. Hence it's a 30-minute bootcamp. :)

    But feel free to repeat the entire sequence for even more calorie burn and body improvement :) There are no rules, you can modify to suit you however you like providing you can do everything in proper form throughout the workout. This is why it's important to watch the video from the beginning and practice proper form with the class before executing with intensity.

    Be sure to stretch after as the stretches is what's going to help you perform even better. I just posted my stretches today here.

    Hope this helps. GOOD JOB for doing this. Having fun!! :))

  3. Hi Coach Penny! Your BootCamp Series have gone wild in my workout place! Thank you for the details!

  4. Nice!! So glad to hear that! :) And it's my pleasure! :)