Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Inspiration on The Paradox of Life

I've been receiving emails from readers/viewers addressing similar concerns in regards to the uncertainties about life in general...

You could be up one year, and down the next; win big and then lose it all; feel empowered one day and suddenly, defeated. It's enlightening! Unsettling! Humbling! Frustrating! Rewarding! So you wonder: Which is it?

More and more, the emails are requesting for some insight or inspiration to move toward a positive shift in perception. I feel this topic could be of interest to many people, so rather than reply to each person individually, I've decided to address it by sharing my thoughts and advice in this short video.

Know that life is indeed a paradox and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Understand this and it could help you make a shift in perception that could very well propel you towards a more empowering life — one of benevolent acceptance, profound peace and inspired actions.

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  1. Great video Penny! Thanks for the inspiration.