Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Staying True to You: 6 Steps to a More Honest Life

"The problem with hiding your real motives is that you're essentially keeping a secret, and as neuroscientist David Eagleman has written, 'The main thing that is known about secrets is that keeping them is unhealthy for the brain.' When we begin to weave webs of deception, we need to expend enormous mental energy to prevent them from tangling. There's less brain power left over for solving real problems, and we start to falter in other areas of our lives."

I was recently coaching a client to recognize and speak her truth. She spent years living in a web of her own lies and now she feels trapped. She feels so lost, depressed, tired and knows no way out. Later that day after our session, as timing would have it, I stumbled upon an appropriate article to share with her. But, I feel that each and everyone of us could gain from reading this article as well — Staying True to You: 6 Steps to a More Honest Life. Read it here.

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