Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A more fulfilling life for you may be a few questions away

Understanding a concept intellectually is only one side of the equation... actually putting the concept into practice is a whole other ball game. For example, you can say, "I want this job" or "I want this relationship, and I'm ready to do what it takes to earn it." The "saying" may come easy, but the "doing" is where most people fall short.

You may grasp an idea and understand how it works on an intellectual level, but in order for it to work, you actually have to put in the conscious effort and follow through — intent by intent, choice by choice. So it comes down to: how bad do you want it?

For example: Most people talk about wanting a healthy, happy relationship — one with mutual respect, love and commitment — the kind that makes you better and helps you thrive. Unfortunately, this kind of relationship doesn't just happen.

So the question for you is: what kind of effort are you willing to put towards attaining this kind of relationship? What would YOU have to embody to attract this type of relationship to you? Do you go out of your way to make time?

Do you take risks and move out of your comfort zone? Or do you allow fear of rejection to stand in the way? Do you make the time to communicate and stay connected? Include each other in functions and plan quality time together? Or do you live separate lives and forget to nurture one another?

You see, in order to have the relationship you want, you have to "be" that relationship you're looking for. If you're looking for certain qualities in someone, you have to make the effort to embody those similar qualities. It takes two to make it work, so either both of you step up to the plate, or at least one of you have to step up and see if the other follows.

Take a moment to think about how you can put out more of what you want in return.

We live in a world of energy. Everything is made up of intangible energy — moving from formless (a single thought) into the form (action which produces results). So take a moment to heighten your awareness.

Put in a "conscious effort" to create more balance in your life — in love, family, friends, work and play. One thing is for certain: the energy you put out (good or bad) is the energy you get in return — in one form or another. So use your energy wisely.

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