Friday, April 13, 2012

Penny's exclusive interview featured on

I recently agreed to an exclusive interview with Strong-Athlete to share my story, hardships, failures and successes — from how it began, where it is today, to where it could be heading. Thank you for letting me share this with you. Feel free to click on the link below for the interview.

April 11, 2012 – Strong-Athlete News
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Fitness Star Penny Phang
By Vince “Fitness Financier” Pe
A few weeks ago I got to catch up with my dear friend – the beautiful Penny Phang. If you’ve been fortunate to work with Penny, you know right away that she is an individual of incredible drive and passion in whatever she puts her mind to. This stunning entrepreneur is a Personal Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker/Motivator, TwinLab Canada sponsored athlete, and Wellness Coach. Did I also forget to mention that she is a double black belt martial artist in Kenpo and Freestyle Karate?

In addition to balancing a busy schedule, Penny can be seen frequently with her 10-minute home workout videos to keep all of her clients and her fans “on the move” despite THEIR busy schedules. 

In this Strong-Athlete feature, we get to find out “what drives the driven” as Penny shares her secrets on what keeps her pushing for more. Read it here on

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