Monday, April 30, 2012

10-Minute Home Workout Series 12: One Wicked Workout To Go

Conventional training says workouts have to be 45 minutes to an hour to be effective. However, it’s been proven time and time again, in order for a workout to be effective, it's not necessarily about the length of the workout, but more, what you do in the time you have. (However, if you’re training to improve or accelerate in sport-specific skills, this may not apply to you.)

If you've built an aerobic base (and this is important—you must have an aerobic base), you can take advantage of high intensity interval training. This means you can learn to do shorter workouts to get greater results.

There's no shortage of research proving that bouts of intense exercise of just 15–20 minutes can produce significant increases in health and fitness. And there’s also evidence to suggest that the consistent shorter workouts produce results faster than their longer counterparts!

After watching the video (above), please go over my coaching tips and advice (below) carefully before executing the workout—this can help you perform your best to achieve results and prevent injuries.

Here is the list of exercises and program description for this time-based interval workout: One Wicked Workout to Go!

30 seconds - Palm plank knee drive twist
30 seconds - Mountain climbers
60 seconds - Half turn snowboarder burpees
30 seconds - Jump jack air
30 seconds - Shoulder tap push-ups
60 seconds - Burpee long-jump
30 seconds - Triceps push-ups (with knee drive)

Perform the exercises above at your maximum effort according to the timed intervals (with little to no rest). Then, take a 30 second break and repeat the entire sequence once more. Feel free to throw in a third round if you're feeling particularly strong that day! ;) And be sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes stretching after.

Once again, I can't repeat this enough — please do a quick warm up (at least 5 minutes) before you even attempt any of my 10-minute workouts. Example: perform couple minutes of jump jacks, couple minutes of running on the spot, and be sure to go over each and every exercise in the workout slowly as part of your warm up so your body can get familiar with the movements and adapt accordingly when you start the actual workout.

Because it is a short workout, it has to be intense in order to produce optimum results. So remember, you need to be working at your maximum effort throughout the entire 10 minutes with little to no rest.

Be sure to perform the modified moves first (even if you're an advance, and especially if you're a beginner or an intermediate). Please don't just jump straight in without practice or building an aerobic base first or you may risk injuries. 

It's important to understand that everyone's "best" or "maximum effort" is going to be different based on their current fitness level. So just focus on doing your best because your best will make you better and get you results. Also, remember to be consistent! Perform these 10-minute workouts 4-5 times a week, or every other day for best results!

Gauge how you feel and plan your “workout days” accordingly. Do not try and work over extremely sore muscles. Know when to take a break and rest for the day if you’re too sore to workout. Instead, go for a light jog until you feel ready to go intense again. Just be consistent when it comes to moving your body! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

True Love vs. Ego Love: Know the Difference

Know the difference between true love and ego love so you can make better decisions with whom you choose to surround yourself. In this short video, Penny from Wellness With candidly shares her thoughts on this topic and what it means to create a "true love-based" relationship (or friendship), versus an "ego-based" one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learn to let go… if you want things to flow

Nature does not force or rush, yet it gets everything accomplished effortlessly. We are very much a part of nature, yet we have such a tough time. Why is this? It’s not that we don’t know what is or isn’t working in our lives, or what we should or shouldn’t let go of, but more so, that we have a tough time letting things go…

We have a tough time because we have forgotten our true nature. We were born into a society that has forgotten, and so we find ourselves following in its footsteps and getting lost along the way. All looks normal. But “normal” does not mean “truth.”

Truthfully, it looks normal because we have forgotten. We have lost our way so deeply that we are identified with this way of living – this way of suffering. We think this is the way it is.

For example: One of the sad things in life is when people leave — and worse, they leave you with the feeling that 1.) you didn't do the thing required to make them stay, or (2) you did the thing that made them go, or (3) if you knew, you would leave instead and make them feel the pain you're currently feeling.

The truth is, when people change their minds, the energy has shifted. Naturally, time wants to move forward, but it is us who want to stay behind. We want to delve deeper in the situation – in the pain. We don’t know how to let go. We only know to fight, force, push, and shove to get what we think we want only to feel more suffering. Sadly, we’ve forgotten our true nature.

You see, nature does not force or rush, yet it gets everything accomplished because it flows… it flows with each season. Though the trees wither away in the winter, they don’t fight this course of action, and they don’t die either. They simply lay to rest... They flow with the situation until such time as spring when they once again perk up and bloom effortlessly.

And so it is that we are very much a part of nature – a part of this kind of intricate intelligence. This is our true nature – the divine part of us we have forgotten. Perhaps it is time we remember so we can, like nature, go with the flow. After all, we do feel a certain peace when we admire the beauty in nature… could it be that deep down we recognize its beauty as our own?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Penny's exclusive interview featured on

I recently agreed to an exclusive interview with Strong-Athlete to share my story, hardships, failures and successes — from how it began, where it is today, to where it could be heading. Thank you for letting me share this with you. Feel free to click on the link below for the interview.

April 11, 2012 – Strong-Athlete News
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Fitness Star Penny Phang
By Vince “Fitness Financier” Pe
A few weeks ago I got to catch up with my dear friend – the beautiful Penny Phang. If you’ve been fortunate to work with Penny, you know right away that she is an individual of incredible drive and passion in whatever she puts her mind to. This stunning entrepreneur is a Personal Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker/Motivator, TwinLab Canada sponsored athlete, and Wellness Coach. Did I also forget to mention that she is a double black belt martial artist in Kenpo and Freestyle Karate?

In addition to balancing a busy schedule, Penny can be seen frequently with her 10-minute home workout videos to keep all of her clients and her fans “on the move” despite THEIR busy schedules. 

In this Strong-Athlete feature, we get to find out “what drives the driven” as Penny shares her secrets on what keeps her pushing for more. Read it here on

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Ask for What You Want - A Lesson from Tila

No games, just get to the point! If you want something, just show it -- make it known -- just ask for it. Here, Tila shows us how it's done!