Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your genes do not create your fate… Find out what does!

Time and again I hear people “blame” their genes for the physical, emotional or mental challenges they may be "battling" in their lives. These battles can be anything related to overall health, physical abilities, compulsive or addictive behaviors, and even spiritual or religious beliefs.

After much time spent studying new truths and guiding my clients to work past these limiting beliefs, I will tell you that though I still have much to learn, however, I can now share with certainty that your genes do not create your fate. It may play a role, but it isn't a be-all and end-all. 

Nothing is black and white; there are always options and alternatives. You just have to want it badly enough to find more truths and deliberately choose the things in alignment with what you truly want for your Self. Okay, sure, you cannot change your genetics, but you can change your environment and lifestyle, and this will dramatically change your level of wellbeing and your resistance to “dis-sease” or “dis-comfort”.

Let's put it this way, if you plant tomato seeds, you're going to get tomatoes. You're not going to get a pine tree. You cannot change the tomato's genetics. But if you plant the seeds where they will get the most sunlight, nurture the tomatoes with pure clean water, feed them organic compost, and mulch them as they grow, well, you're going to grow amazing tomatoes! 

You see, genetics you cannot change. But taking control of your environment (your body) will have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. 

It’s incredibly challenging for dis-eases to thrive in an environment that is well-nourished. So it’s up to you to nourish your being with the most healing, life-sustaining foods, experiences and sensory impressions – as well as, productive exercise, effective breathing techniques, and a nurtured spirit. 

If you're limiting your Self in any way due to what you would say "is in your genes," I suggest you see what some of the world's leaders on this topic has to say and teach you that can positively change the way you live. For centuries, millions have been able to heal themselves of dis-eases and overcome genetic challenges simply by being open enough to seek new truths. Maybe it's your turn?

Allow me to start off your journey on seeking new truths by introducing a few leading experts in natural healing:

Dr. Dean Ornish shares new research that shows how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can affect a person at a genetic level. For instance, he says, when you live healthier, eat better, exercise, and love more, your brain cells actually increase.

Dr. Dean Ornish is a clinical professor at UCSF and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. He's a leading expert on fighting illness – particularly heart disease with dietary and lifestyle changes. He's one of the leading voices in the medical community promoting a balanced, holistic approach to health, and proving that it works.

The author of Eat More, Weigh Less and several other best-selling books, Ornish is best known for his lifestyle-based approach to fighting heart disease. His research at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute (the nonprofit he founded) clinically demonstrated that cardiovascular illnesses – and, most recently prostate cancer – can be treated and even reversed through diet and exercise. 

Another doctor you may want to get familiar with is Dr. Richard Schulze.

Dr. Schulze is one of the foremost authorities in the world of natural healing and herbal medicine; known as one of the greatest healers of all time specializing in a combination of Herbalism and Naturopathy. He holds a Doctorate in Herbology from the School of Natural Healing and a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. Dr. Schulze also holds a degree in Herbal Pharmacy and degrees in Iridology. 

His personal commitment is “to offer people an option to medical doctors, hospitals, surgery, chemical drugs and the physical, emotional and financial bankruptcy that this system of disease management causes. Unless maintaining chronic diseases with medical doctors, drugs and surgeries, and spending your nest egg to do it sounds like fun,” he claims, “I have an alternative.” He calls it Creating Powerful Health! He continues, “It's a lot more fun, less costly than managing disease, and let's you live life to your fullest potential."

You can read his short 7-page e-book here: 4 Simple Truths to Feel Great and Create Lasting Health.
(Note: To flip the page when reading the e-book, click on "next page" which can be found on the top of the site.)

The depth of his work and success is extensive. So it's best you visit his website here to learn more. Herb

Also, his blog is so candid and informative that it would be ridiculous not to subscribe. You just might find truths here that can help you or your loved ones heal naturally. Herb Doc


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