Friday, March 9, 2012

What you see is rarely what you imagine it to be

What you see is rarely what you imagine it to be. Don't get so fixated with what others are sharing on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) if it's going to bring you down!

Most of us have heard the phrase "A picture speaks a thousand words." But here's the thing, though pictures speak a thousand words, they most often do not speak a thousand "truths".

Let's use Facebook for example, you may be looking at photos of old friends, exes, estranged relatives, colleagues, mentors or celebrities... and you may think their life is cheery and effortless like the smiling photos they share so publicly. 

Maybe deep down you’re envious or saddened by what you see because you feel you’re not as "popular"—or you secretly wish you had what they had. I know these feelings stand true for all of us to some degree.

But the thing to remember here is this: Do not devalue your unique life path, or undermine your own inner greatness. Each and every one of us have our battles in life—our unique set of challenges—no matter how well we put up an opposing front (be it on Facebook statuses, photos or in person).

The truth is... things are not always what they seem.

In my business of guiding people (including myself) to achieve wellness, I've gathered enough insight to share a piece of truth about the cheery, even sexy photos that we see so often online or on print…

…The smiling couple is kissing, but little do you know they have not been happy for a while and are feeling resentful inside. The guy with the fancy house and car lost his job a while ago and is too embarrassed and stressed trying to be someone he’s not. That "popular" girl who is the life of the party seems to have everything going, but deep down feels stuck and is battling depression with drugs.

Yes, they may have been happy in that moment the photos were taken, but what's really going on behind the scenes is usually not what you imagine it to be. In most cases, photos do not truly portray how a person really feels inside. After all, why would anyone want to share photos that show how lost, sad or ill-spirited they feel?

With this, perhaps I could enlighten you with some thoughts… Next time you browse around on Facebook (or wherever else) and start to feel intimidated, envious or compare yourself to others, instead of focusing on how much “better” someone else is, focus on how you can personally improve.

Use this opportunity to learn from as many different people as possible, from different careers, lifestyle choices, to personal beliefs. There is something to learn from everyone, including the people with whom you disagree.

Understand that everyone has different styles of "being". Allow others their free will "to be" however they choose. They’re neither "wrong" nor "right". They've simply chosen to experience life a certain way in this moment in time. It isn’t yours to judge but to learn from. And so it is that you, too, get to choose how you want to experience life in each moment.

Pay less attention to what other people are doing if the thing you’re paying attention to is not serving you for the better. We each have our own style of living that no one could ever duplicate in the "exact" same way. So embrace your uniqueness, nurture it, find ways to refine, strengthen and display it… and you’ll see for yourself that it is during this deliberate life practice that all the right people and circumstances will flow to you in abundance.

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