Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr. Oz's Two-Day Wonder Cleanse

I often hear, "I saw this really good detox product. Should I get it?" Or, "What do you think about that cleansing product at the store? I 'heard' it's pretty good." Hmmm... 

...Okay, people, here I go again... please don't believe that something is good just because it says so on the box, or some celebrity is using it. Even worst, don't think it works because it has fancy print ads or commercials. If you don't do your research and simply use products based on all the marketing gimmicks, you could really hinder your efforts in the long term, if not the short.

Because I believe in natural healing and healthy weight loss, my answer always guides in the direction of proper food combination and self-nurture. If you don't learn to do things from the inside out, you can become too dependent on the outside world to provide temporary relief... now, that's a whole lot of personal power to be giving away, don't you think?

I dig around a lot to find ways to refine the information I share and came across one of Dr.Oz's article, which I love. It promotes natural healing and explains what a cleanse is. I'm so grateful I don't have to write it all out. LOL. (Thanks for saving me some time, Dr. Oz.) :) 

Also, please keep in mind there are many ways to do natural cleansing: juicing, liquid diet, alkalizing diet, etc. This here is just one of many ways. Check out Dr. Oz's Two-Day Wonder Cleanse article. Click here.


  1. For the past few weeks, I’ve been limiting my caloric intake and eating about 900 calories a day, like you had done in the past. I’m also really limiting my carbs and exercising for an hour a day implementing with Phen375. But then I read your bio and I see that you eat wonderful things like pancakes for breakfast, so now I’m inspired to allow myself to eat good foods! You have a great story and delicious looking recipes, thanks for sharing!

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