Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How you perceive “reality” and “illusion” will change the quality of your life

Reality is all about perception
When you were born into this life you probably learned that what you see in front of you is “reality.” But this is only a partial truth because reality is also determined by your attention and perception.

You and I could be looking at the same thing, person or situation, but it doesn’t mean that we will perceive or interpret it the same way. How we perceive something or someone becomes our “reality” — the factor that either motivates or discourages us. And the interpretation of reality that we choose to believe will inevitably affect the quality of the life we live.

We’ve been taught through generations, by society and authority figures, that what we see is real. Perhaps this is partly true, however, there’s more to this notion than meets the eye; and it is this missing part that isn’t really taught to us. We have to figure it out ourselves through trial and error.

And through heart-breaking trials and errors of my own, and of others, I have certainly made my share of valuable discoveries, and can today confidently share my experiences in hope to contribute to the quality of your life.

With that said, let me ask you this:

What if life could be even more rewarding if only you made a slight shift in the way that you think? Would you make this shift? Would you be open enough to adjust your perception of life?

It is the heart and mind
that controls the
external reality
What if what you see is not “reality,” but is only a vision that presents a challenge so that you are reminded to make the best decision you can, given the circumstances? What if what you see is an illusion, and what you choose is the ultimate reality? How would you live life then?

Would you spend time complaining and dwelling on the very displeasing thing that is happening before your eyes? Or would you see it as an opportunity to choose something that feels better to you?

You see, it is not what you see that creates your reality; it is the choices you make from what you see that creates your reality.

This means whatever displeasing thing you see, no matter how real it may appear to you, can only remain real if you choose to spend your energy (thoughts and emotions) there. In other words, you're most likely gossiping or complaining about it, and/or feeling strong emotions toward it. Simply put, you’re spending your energy in "that place.”

Whatever you spend your energy on can no longer remain an illusion. Instead, it becomes your reality.

And while you’re there (in this displeasing illusion you’ve given so much of your attention to) you begin to attract more events and people that don’t seem to make things any better. And so, of course, this “illusion” then becomes even more of a “reality” to you.

So you see, the thing that matters most is not so much what you see, but what you choose. The minute you choose to direct most of your attention to a subject, you are then in that moment energizing it and it will sooner and later become your reality. Without your strong attention to it, it remains powerless, still somewhat of an illusion.

And even in making new decisions, keep in mind that it may not always be a choice that makes you happy right away. And that’s okay. It need only be a choice that makes you feel a bit better than the moment before.

In every moment, you can change
the course of an event by making
a different choice
Then from there, in that next moment, you choose the next thing that makes you feel a bit better than the moment before that. The key is to deliberately repeat this method of decision-making from one moment to the next, and not give up part way.

This kind of deliberate consistency can become very powerful as it creates a positive momentum. And slowly, but surely, these so called “little” steps will start to take shape in your favor.

These “little” steps are the moves that will set your sails in life. When you make a conscious effort to use what you see in front of you as an opportunity to set your sails in a direction of your choice, then, when the wind blows (as it always will), you can be certain to sail where you wish to go, more effortlessly.

As you go about your day, just remember: In every moment, you can change the course of an event by making a different choice. After all, it is the heart and mind that controls the external reality.


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