Tuesday, August 16, 2011

200 calories of healthy yumminess

Spinach, cherry tomato,
garlic, jalapeno 
Who says you can't make veggies yummy and exciting? Get all the nutritious vitamins, mineral and antioxidants from greens such as spinach and broccoli, add nature's super awesome herbs and spices, add some eggs… and boom! You’ve got yourself a tasty omelet.

Here's a simple, healthy dish that tastes great and will keep you satiated.

Spinach Tomato Omelet (with garlic and jalapeno)
•  Use 5 egg whites (use one yolk if you like)
•  Add minced garlic and jalapeno (optional)
•  Scramble it all up and pour into a heated pan (lightly sprayed so it won't stick)
•  Warm up chopped spinach and cherry tomatoes in microwave (spinach is better warmed so it becomes soft and fits in the omelet nicely)
•  When eggs are halfway cooked, place the spinach and cherry tomatoes on one side (one half) of the egg
•  Sprinkle some black pepper and/or cayenne pepper
•  Scrape the other side of the egg off the pan, fold it over to cover the vegetables, and gently press it flat
•  The exterior of the egg should be a nice golden brown at this point
•  Lightly sprinkle paprika all over for taste and color

You can eat the omelet with your favorite sauce, but watch your portion, especially if your sauce is a "guilty pleasure." ;) I like mine with a little Heinz ketchup mixed with that ultra spicy Sriracha chili sauce. (Yep, it’s the chili sauce in the orange bottle with the green cap. LOL.)

Mushroom, tomato, parsley,
light sprinkle of cheddar
You can also substitute the spinach for broccoli, peppers, asparagus, mushrooms and so on. Feel free to steam the vegetables till they’re soft (to your liking) and dice them up into little itty, bitty pieces before placing them on your eggs.

In case you're wondering what that stuff is on top of my omelet… well, sometimes instead of spinach, I use chopped broccoli in my omelet. And so that was just the left over. I like to use the left over stuffing to decorate my omelet. Nice, huh? J

Get creative, have fun and enjoy!

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