Sunday, September 19, 2010

Understanding Love's many ways...

Love is one thing that never
goes out of style
Though love is only a four-letter word, its depth and beauty makes our language seem so limiting when we try to define it in its entirety. Because it shows itself through many faces, styles and forms, to truly appreciate it is to learn to appreciate all of its many ways...

To your wellness!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is real.. what is not?

What you see is somewhat
an illusion, but what you
"choose"... the ultimate reality
When you were born into this life, you probably learned that what you see in front of you is “reality.” But were you told that this is only partly true because reality is all about perception?

How we perceive something or someone becomes our “reality” – the factor that either motivates or discourages us. And the interpretation of reality we choose to believe will inevitably affect the quality of the life we live. 

To your wellness!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

“Perfection” exists only to tell you this truth…

"Perfection" is a journey, not a
I am most proud of one of my clients today (you know who you are). This person worked hard, and pushed through to achieving wellness and fitness no matter how challenging it has been for her. Not only did she achieve her goals, she exceeded them!

As she thanks me today (for the tenth time lol), she is packing to leave to England tomorrow to further her studies, to teach others what she has learned, and to move toward a path in helping others achieve wellness. I am so proud of her.

As I recall how hard she can be on herself (as we all can be on ourselves), I want to once again remind her, and you, about the truth on “perfection”:

You and I know life will always have ups and downs no matter who you are or what you do. This part won’t change. The only thing that can change is you getting better at dealing with those ups and downs. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Perfection is more a journey than a destination. And so is life – it, too, is a journey, not a destination. And so you see, finding ways to enjoy the journey is perfection!

Living each moment doing your best is perfection in itself. And your best will not always be the same. And that’s perfect, too. It will be different when you're happy as oppose to sad. It will be different when you're sick as oppose to healthy.

Doing your best is
"perfection" in itself
But doing your best, given the circumstances you’re in… well, that’s perfection!

So though some moments may feel better than others, it doesn't make them right, wrong, good or bad. It just is. Period.

Living without judgment of what’s right, wrong, good, or bad, or what should or shouldn’t be, is a clear path to self-healing and acceptance; to wisdom, inner peace and inevitably, genuine success.

A lifetime is meant to be a journey of experiences to constantly challenge you. The more challenges you overcome, the more expanded your spirit will be... this means, the more you will know how to stay balanced and at peace, no matter what goes on around you. This, in itself, is perfection!

It is in this place of deep understanding and acceptance of life that feels “perfect.” It is this state of “being” that will draw to you more events and people that will benefit your wellbeing – to take your spirit places you never even knew existed.

So next time you see someone (including yourself) doing their best, just thank them for displaying perfection. Tell them, “You’re perfect!”

After all, is there anything more perfect than a person doing their best?

To your wellness!