Friday, January 8, 2010

A deeper meaning: What it really means to “be in the right place”

Happy new year! It always brings me great pleasure to share the first article of the new year with you.

As I look at the many years that I’ve had this fortunate opportunity to share my thoughts with you, I can’t help but know that this year is going to be a great year, unlike any other. I say this with confidence because I can now share the depth of the meaning, “be in the right place.” Let me explain.

You know how sometimes things are not what they seem – how something can appear to be going in a certain direction only to unfold in a totally unpredictable way? Or maybe you hear something said one way, but later find out that it holds a much deeper meaning?

At different points in our lives we ask questions such as: How do I find the right job for me, or, How do I find the right partner for me? And the answers we get from people we look up to may in one way or another conclude in different variations of “It’ll just happen when the time is right” or “You just have to be in the right place.”

And with that, we think that “it’s time” and we have to be “somewhere” to find what we’re looking for. So we start searching all over the place. We think we'll find it out there – a place outside of us – and we forget to pay attention to what’s within – the place inside us. This important "place" within us resides our state of mind, our attitude, our belief. This place within must be tended to first before we can find any place else to be truly meaningful.

Many times in our lives we fail to achieve the things we so desire because we begin our journey searching from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.

But it is until you learn to understand that to “be in the right place” begins with you being in the right place from within, then only can you truly experience peace in whatever you do. And it is when you’re in this state of peace that “miracles” or “good luck” can happen. So perhaps it’s time to create your fate by changing your state – your state of mind.

What truly affect your state of mind and attitude at the core level are your beliefs – the thoughts and emotions you’ve learned and chosen as your truth. We call them truths because they are things we feel we “know” based on our own personal experience.

But what we may neglect to understand here is that there are many truths out there, many different beliefs. Some will serve you better than others. So it would be best to let go of a belief that has not been serving you well and instead, choose a belief that will encourage a healthy state of mind.

Remember: Beliefs are nothing more than something you’ve held in your mind long enough that they’ve become “real” to you – they’ve become your “truth.” That’s all a belief really is – nothing more.

The right attitude – a healthy state of mind – is what attracts the right people, events and circumstances to you and puts you in a good place – the right place – a place we so often think is a result of “luck.” And so we say things like, You just so happen to “be in the right place at the “right time.” But really, all along, the right place and right time could not have happened if you didn’t first take the time to put your mind and your heart in the right place.

My friends, I want this to be a start of a great decade for you, too. So let’s do this together! You know they say two heads are better than one – especially two heads with the same intentions. So let’s join heads! The more the merrier! Write me anytime to share your thoughts. As always, I’ll do my best to guide you well.

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