Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is it sometimes so hard to do what’s best for me?

Are you in a relationship where deep down you know the person you’re with is not the best person for you? Perhaps they don’t communicate considerately – especially when things don’t go their way. Maybe they’re just too set in their ways and have that “it’s my way or no way” mentality. In referring to my last post, you know that without proper communication, nothing good can last. Sooner or later it will end…

Maybe they show you affection, but only when needed. They say “Love you, too” way more often than “I love you.” Perhaps they can’t fully respect and appreciate everything about you because of their own insecurities (to which they may not realize or want to admit).

This person may have a good heart, and they may even believe they know how to nurture a relationship. But after being with them, you clearly see that they may not be as mature for you in the relationship department. You want to be better for the relationship – improve at those 3 elements I mentioned on my last post, however, your partner isn’t cooperating at the same level.

With this said, you just know you’re both not on the same relationship level. You know the best thing for you is to leave the relationship, but why is what’s best for you so hard to do?

I know you’ve had some great times with this person regardless of your differences. Remembering these good times and hoping for more is what’s keeping you in the relationship – which doesn’t help the situation.

But think about this: Despite the good times, with all the other issues surfacing, is it worth it? Maybe it’s worth the fun and experience for the first year or so. But can you see a mature, healthy relationship with this person in the long term? If so, great! Continue on. But if not, maybe you need to reconsider.

Let me just say this: It is not your job to fix them. You don’t have to try and rescue them if it means drowning yourself in the midst of it. I know sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing for you, especially if you’re a loyal, caring individual. But if you don’t look out for you first, you won’t be good to anyone else.

Saying this however, if you must stay a little longer because you feel you’ve already invested more time and emotion than you had anticipated, then put a time frame on it. Continue to be kind, loving and committed to the relationship, but give yourself a deadline. Maybe you can say: “I’ll do my best with this person for another month or so, but I must see satisfying progress or better. And if I don’t, then at least I know I did my best and I can now leave the relationship with no regrets.”
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Happiness begins with you!

It may be a cliché, but it’s true that you must first be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone – in any relationship. Learn to be happy with your own company, then find someone who fits your mold of happiness. Too often, people spend less time on self-development, believing that a relationship will complete their happiness, rather than complement it.

I know some of you lovely individuals have succumbed to the powerful illusion that your happiness depends on having a relationship. That’s when the most common mistakes are made, such as entering into a relationship with the wrong person and trying to change that person to fit your concept of a happy relationship; or alternatively, trying to change yourself or adjust your own expectations for the sake of keeping the relationship afloat.

Saying this however, it can be great if the changes you make are actually serving you well and making you a better, happier person. But if it isn’t doing that, and is only causing you pain, then you’re compromising your own happiness.

Though being in a relationship can certainly enhance your life, it should not be something you try to attain as a short cut to happiness. But if done so, it could serve as a short-term solution to happiness, however, it might not last the test of time.

Bottom line: The way you behave in a relationship is influenced by the relationship you have with your Self. So if you want a healthy, happy relationship with someone, then first work on you – spend time to develop that same kind of relationship which you desire, with your Self.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Alkalize: This can make a huge difference to your life!

It’s true that when you feel good, you are better to yourself and the people around you. This is why I’ve chosen to also share tips and advice on health here in my relationship blog. So let’s get started!

In order for your body to maintain great health, it has got to have a certain pH - a certain basis of what’s called acid and alkaline in the system. On a scale of 0 to 14 - where 0 is pure acid (that can burn a hole in steel), and 14 is purely alkaline - the balance would be 7.

Our bodies need to be at 7.36, which is slightly more alkaline – that’s the ideal. When your body is not balanced and have too much acid, you create an environment that can yield anything from low energy, aches and pains, skin problem to discomfort and even diseases.
An overly acidic body will also have a tough time losing weight or maintaining a healthy body. Here is why.

Acids tend to settle in the weakest part of your body because that part of your body can’t clean up the mess as quickly. So guess what the body does to survive? It instinctually takes these acids out of the blood stream and into the fats of the body, so to take the acids away from the vital organs.

Your body does this to protect you, and in doing so, it holds on to the fat as a survival mechanism. You will not let go of the fat, no matter how much you exercise or how much you eat right if you do not create an environment that is more alkaline.

You can even use wellness products and have a tough time experiencing positive effects if your body is too acidic. An acidic body cannot absorb nutrients effectively. This is one reason why some people can’t seem to experience positive effects from wellness products where others are getting results.

By the way, don’t just take my word for it. Do your research on acid and alkaline. Look it up. Test it out. Get a pH strip at the store and test your pH level. Look into a way of eating that can help alkalize your system and create an environment in your body where illness or any form of dis-ease cannot reside.

This idea of alkalizing your body is not a new concept, it is however, a concept not often taught to us. So do yourself a favor and take this opportunity to start treating your body better.

There are tons of literature and discoveries on how acid and alkaline work in your body. Many people have already discovered how to alkalize to energize, lose weight, and gain great health. Just look into it and you’ll see for yourself.

Bottom line: It’s all about balance. If you’re going to consume acidic foods, make sure you’re consciously consuming a lot of alkaline foods to neutralize your system. So if you must have your steak (which is very acidic), have it with a green salad, spinach or broccoli.

And throughout the day, squeeze lemon (which is pure alkaline) in your water. Have a green drink in the morning before you consume anything else. This will energize you. Not to mention, it can help neutralize so your body can absorb nutrients throughout the day.

I attached a link here that includes a chart showing you what foods are acidic or alkaline. As you look into alkalizing your body, refer to this chart to plan what and how you eat! Also, below is a video I want to share with you - Live on CNN news.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your health can affect how you behave in relationships

After my last post on “Health is Key!” I realized how important it is for me to share some crucial information on health that can make a huge difference in your life, and to your relationships.

Some of you have shared how difficult it is for you to be attentive to your partner after a long day. Or you don’t have enough energy in a day to do all the things you want to do.

Some of you are even trying to lose weight. Perhaps not yet achieving your ideal weight, you feel uncomfortable with your body, and it’s affecting the intimacy you share with your partner.

This is why it’s so important to take care of your health – so you can feel your best. When you have great health, you will have more energy, you will feel good, and you will want to do good.

On my next post, I’ll share some powerful information with you that will help you on your journey to healthier, happier relationships. Stay tuned, you don't want to miss this!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Health is key!

In order to have a fulfilling life, you must first have your health. If you don't feel good, your relationships certainly don't tend to grow and expand in quality - and neither does your career, your financials, your ability to impact people around you. Health is key!

I'll start sharing tips and advice on the topic of health in upcoming posts. In the meantime, I found something on the news I want to share with you: A man who lost 400 pounds. I find his story extremely inspiring. And I hope it inspires you as well.