Monday, June 29, 2009


Penny takes great pride with every one of her clients. She utilizes her vast knowledge in wellness to create a personalized program that balances the right amount of mental coaching, strength training, cardio exercise and diet; tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Her programs are challenging yet enjoyable and she never fails to be there to support, encourage and celebrate her client’s wins.

In just 2 short months, not only did Penny coach me to adopt a healthier attitude about my self, she also got me into the best shape of my life. I dropped inches off my waist, hips and thighs all while lowering my body fat percentage and increasing my strength and endurance.

Not only am I buff as ever but I feel AWESOME! The effects of training with Penny and the new body that came with it have enhanced every aspect of my life - mind, body and soul. Even got myself a date – haven’t been on one in months! J

Thanks Penny for my healthy new attitude and body, and lifetime commitment to wellness!

– Janice Manzano, Toronto ON

I haven’t been to the gym for 6 months (maybe more) when I met Penny. I am a pretty big guy (6 feet 2 inches) and still had muscles from working out in the past. So I looked strong (looks can be deceiving). Penny was lifting heavier weights than me, (and she is so tiny), I was embarrassed to say the least.

I learned a lot from Penny. Big muscles do not mean you’re stronger. Tendons and ligaments have to be strong too and of course, muscles have to be worked to maintain or build strength. Penny was patient and taught me to workout from a place of strength within me that does not include my ego. Haha. J Maybe I didn’t quite like that idea at first, but now I see what she’s getting at.

I have gotten so strong and fit as a result of working with Penny. You’re right Penny, it’s not so much what’s on the outside that counts, it’s more so what’s on the inside. Now I see why your slogan on your promotional materials say “empowering you from inside out.”

– Jason D, Toronto ON

I've always been self conscious and insecure about my body. Adding on top of that, there were a couple of relationships in my life that has lowered my self esteem and made me think that I didn't deserve to be beautiful, that I didn't deserve to be happy and that I didn't deserve to be loved.

Meeting Penny at one of her classes was a turning point that changed the way I felt about myself. Penny teaches in a way where you feel so empowered and just can't help but to proceed the class with all you've got and to be the best you can be.

I normally get super intimidated by instructors but Penny was different, the vibe I got from her was that she's approachable, friendly and sweet. So I got the courage to approach her and asked if she could be my trainer/coach. And then we started 6 weeks of intense training.

During those 6 weeks, Penny not only helped with my weight loss goals, she also suggested a very manageable meal plan for me and gave me advice filled with wisdom with my relationship issues.

She helped me track down the source of my weight gain and we worked from there. There were times where I fell off track and she would tell me that it's ok, just get right back on and don't be so hard on yourself, treat yourself the way you would treat someone you consider your little sister.

And slowly, I've learned to be kinder to myself, and that it's ok to not be 100% at times but just know your goal, and stay focused and disciplined after you fall and work 2x as hard to get back to where you were.

Because of Penny, I have now reached my goal weight. I feel so good in the body that I am in now and not just physically but emotionally I feel right to be in this body.

I feel lighter on my feet and I feel like I'm exuding out positive energy as well:) If you want a trainer that believes in you even when you didn't, that sees that inner potential and never gives up on you, then Penny's your girl.

Whether it be a serious life coaching, hard core training session where you'd want to cry cause it hurts so much but so good for you, or a 3x/wk 7am weight loss challenge, Penny would be there by your side as your friend, your coach and your trainer.

– Stephanie Wong, Toronto ON

I had a great experience with Penny’s program! She is a high-energy instructor and knows how to keep a group motivated to take it to the next level!

She is knowledgeable and provided personal advice on eating plans, breathing techniques and cardio plans outside of the program. I had a fantastic time during the program and was thrilled with the results I received!

Thanks again Penny, you’ll be happy to know that I have lost another inch on my waist since the program!

– Alison McQuaid, Toronto ON

I thought I was fit and strong since I played hockey and lifted weights but after training with Penny, I realized I wasn’t exactly as fit as I thought. I needed more core strength and can definitely improve my speed. Also, I learned that I did not have proper form while lifting weights!

Penny’s idea incorporated strength training with Plyometrics, along with core training has made a huge difference. I am stronger, faster and have more endurance now thanks to Penny. Thanks for showing me proper form and for killing my legs, Penny! (just kdding lol). Oh, and thanks for actually teaching me to stretch!

– Christopher M, Toronto ON

I have been working-out for the past 5 years, and at first I was just losing weight, which was great, but then I hit what they call a plateau in weight loss. Even though I exercised every day, I still wasn't seeing any changes… and then Penny came along.

I took five classes in one week, different classes, kick-boxing, plyometrics (which became my two favorite classes) upper body, lower body, insane abs workouts (which I have never done before, being used to the traditional way of doing abs).

During classes whenever we are on a very short moment of breathing and resting time, Penny is always ready with a little suggestion on nutrition, I followed these suggestions.

And in one week, I managed to lose 7 pounds and am actually sleeping better, no more restless sleep.

Thank you Penny, you rock, can't wait to be back from vacation so I can get right back into it.

– Antonella Fuoco, Toronto ON

Working with Penny as our group coach was an absolute pleasure, she is upbeat and fun and was very aware of all of our needs. She always gave 100% and was very prompt in replying any email questions I had. It was wonderful being in her class; I felt extremely motivated.

Thanks Penny, I look forward to training with you one on one!

– Sanaa Alibhai, Toronto ON

Since I have been training with Penny, I noticed a dramatic difference in my outlook towards the way in which my mind and body connect. Penny has taught me how to eat better, work out more effectively, and most importantly, listened to my concerns about the parts of my body that I don't love. With this, she has tailored my workout to target my 'trouble-areas' and I have consistently lost inches as the weeks have gone by!

Every couple of weeks, Penny takes the time to have an in-depth conversation with me to identify any issues I may be having to stay on track. Together we outline any problems and work together to stick to my goals. Penny has taught me that with diligence, our mind leads and our body follows.. and at times, you have to push your body, and your mind follows! 

Thank you Penny for helping me change my outlook on fitness and the mind-body connection! 

– Anis Alibhai, Toronto ON

Meeting Penny at the gym was the turning point for me to get in shape and stay in shape for good. Penny's bootcamp class made me realize that I was incredibly out of shape. My weight was never a major issue, but at 41, I was well below average in strength and endurance. 

I was initially apprehensive. Could I work out that intensely? Would I see results? Would I stick with a program? Penny assured me that if I stuck to her program, I would definitely see results. She was tough on me, but I saw results within the first week. 

The exercises became easier as the weeks passed and I was no longer in pain from the workouts. Within four weeks, I had lost 7lbs., 9% body fat and 6 inches off my body. Penny taught me the tools to stay in shape. I am able to work out on my own now and feel confident that I will be able to maintain this for the rest of my life. Thanks Penny, I feel great!

– Annie McConvey, Toronto ON